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WWE Hell in a Cell results: The Miz and R-Truth return to crash the party

Photo via WWE
Photo via WWE

What, you thought they would really stay away?

Tonight (Oct. 2, 2011) at Hell in a Cell in New Orleans, Louisiana, The Miz and R-Truth made their emphatic return to crash the pay-per-view party, making their presence felt all throughout the show.

They kicked things off by showing up before the event ever got underway. Shortly after Christian made his entrance for the opening match of the night, they were shown sitting at ringside, flashing tickets they purchased the show.

They were promptly booted by Johnny Laurinaitis and the security team.

Later, they popped up backstage, executing a covert attack on the tag team champions, Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston, before security could whisk them away yet again. Triple H, mad as all hell at these developments, threatened to fire Laurinaitis for allowing this to happen.

But it was the main event when they really made their presence felt.

Shortly after Alberto Del Rio pinned CM Punk to win the WWE championship, the Hell in a Cell structure was raised, which John Cena used to climb inside to attack Del Rio, who had sent him out earlier and prevented him from participating in the finish of the match.

But this also allowed Miz and Truth, wearing jackets over their heads, to jump into the ring. And right after they did, the cell came right back down, trapping everyone inside.

This led to Miz and Truth just bombing everyone in sight. Cena, Del Rio, Punk, all the referees; no one was safe from their wrath.

Triple H and a number of referees -- along with Laurinaitis -- came hauling ass down to the ring, trying as best they could to get inside the structure to put an end to the carnage. The key, remember, was still under the ring from when Del Rio had chucked it there earlier.

Miz and Truth were free to do whatever they liked while the COO helplessly looked on.

Shortly after, the entire roster came running out, shaking the cage, trying to get it open. This was, of course, for naught and Miz and Truth continued to run amok while ringside commentators wondered who lowered the cell.

Who, indeed.

Finally, the police showed up and a man with a pair of bolt cutters quickly followed. As they opened the cell door, Miz and Truth defiantly surrendered, placing their hands behind their head and willfully dropping to their knees, awaiting the cuffs that would wrap around their wrists within seconds.

The police held back the WWE roster from attacking the rogue duo while they walked them to the back. But they couldn't hold back everyone.

More specifically, they couldn't hold back Triple H.

Pandemonium followed.

"The Game" burst through everyone and attacked Miz and Truth before he was restrained. While he was losing his cool -- and only bolstering the case against him -- Laurinaitis attempted to pull him off. What did he get for his troubles?

Shoved to the floor.

Hard to imagine this won't come back to bite Triple H in the old behind and tomorrow night we already know that David Otunga and his band of misfits will bring legal action against him.

Mercifully, the cops carried Miz and Truth out in handcuffs and the show came to a close.

Raw should be interesting, to say the least, no?

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