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Hell in a Cell results: Alberto Del Rio wins WWE championship with pin of CM Punk

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Two weeks after losing the WWE championship, Alberto Del Rio has gained it back, this time by pinning CM Punk -- not John Cena -- in the triple threat main event at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event tonight (Oct. 2) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The match went the way most triple threat matches go: one guy knocks another guy out and he and the other guy go at it in the ring while the other guy sells on the outside until that guy comes back to knock out another guy so that guy can go at it with the other guy.

Yeah, that.

It was the end of the match -- and the nice little swerve to it -- that really made this one special.

While battling it out, it came to be that Punk went through a table on the outside, setting up a nice little scenario for Del Rio to end up inside the ring, suffering through an STF from Cena.

Which is exactly what happened.

Ricardo Rodriguez, who was outside the Hell in a Cell structure, could not bear to see his dear friend lose in this manner, so he clocked the referee on the outside who held the key and took it from him. He promptly opened the door and ate an Attitude Adjustment to pull Del Rio from the crushing jaws of defeat.

Only he brought a steel pipe with him. And that pipe ended up in the hands of Del Rio, who used it on Cena, knocking him out of the cage and to the outside. Del Rio, ever the thoughtful heel, quickly locked the door once more and threw the key under the ring.

Cena was now locked out for the remainder of the match.

The remainder wasn't long, though, as Del Rio taunted Cena for a short time before climbing back inside the ring. Punk was there waiting to greet him with a GTS but ADR used the pipe that was still in his hand to battle out.

And then he used it again, which was enough to put Punk out. Three short slaps of the mat later and Del Rio is your new WWE champion.

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