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WWE Hell in a Cell results: Mark Henry continues his reign of terror with win over Randy Orton

Photo via <a href="">WWE</a>
Photo via WWE

Somebody got their wig split.

Mark Henry stepped inside the ring tonight for his first World Heavyweight Title defense against the man who took the belt from, Randy Orton.

After the Cell was lowered down, Orton was quick to take control but the brute strength of the champion was too much for "The Viper" to overcome.

From there, Henry brutalized Orton with his repertoire of power moves that nearly saw the former champ get World's Strongest Slammed on the ringsteps. Orton was able to break free from the hold, scale the cage, and deliver boot after boot to Henry.

Orton seemed to have the match won as he made his way to the corner, ready to pounce on a reeling Henry. But the champ holds the belt for a reason and countered the attack. He landed a vicious World's Strongest Slam that put Orton down for the (three) count.

After the match, Henry tried to -- with all due respect to Brian Pillman -- Henryize Orton's angle much like he did to The Great Khali on Smackdown! a few days ago.

Orton was able to slide his leg away and the champ got a belly full of canvas. An attack with the chair from the former champion came next with Henry trying to make his way to the backstage area.

While "The Viper" has lost twice in a row to the champ, it doesn't seem like their program is over. But there's also the matter of a certain pale Irishman who might claim he is the true number one contender.

So what's on tap for Vengeance, Cagesiders? Orton or Sheamus?

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