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Dana White was going to put Kurt Angle on Ultimate Fighter season 10 but he didn't pass medicals

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About a month ago while Kurt Angle was making the rounds promoting the movie "Warrior," his brief flirtation with mixed martial arts came up in many a conversation. Angle, being a bullshitter through and through, naturally started making some outrageous claims.

Here's what he said at the time:

I actually contacted Dana White again after the movie. I flew out to meet him once and got a great offer. I contacted him again, I was thinking about dropping out of Impact wrestling, and there were some personal problems with my marriage and I just wanted to get away. I contacted Dana White, I flew out, and he had me take the UFC physical. I passed it, thank God, and he gave me the offer. The terms weren't good, I mean not for me, and the terms I gave him weren't good for him. He wanted me ready in four-and-a-half weeks; I wanted three to six months. So I respect Dana White and I love him to death, very good friend. I knew I was capable of winning in four-and-a-half weeks, but I wanted to be at my best."


"He actually sat me down and said, ‘Kurt, if you do this, is your neck okay? Are you well enough to do this, cause I know you've taken a pounding the last 10 years?' And I said, ‘Dana, I'm fine. Yeah, I broke my neck five different times, but I have never felt better than now. I've had setbacks, but I'm fine.'"

That sounded like utter and complete crap and it turns out, it was. At least, that's what UFC President Dana White says, who personally addressed this after UFC on Versus 6 last night (Oct. 1) in Washington D.C.

According to White, he did, in fact, offer for Angle to sign on with UFC but he only offered him a spot on season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), the same season that featured Kimbo Slice. Apparently, Angle agreed and if he passed his medicals, he was going to be on the show.

He didn't.

Angle claimed multiple times that he was offered a contract to fight Kimbo Slice on pay-per-view and that he passed a physical but couldn't come to financial terms. White says he was going to put him on the same season of TUF as Kimbo but couldn't because Angle failed his medicals.

Who do you believe?

After the jump is video of White explaining the situation. He repeatedly says Angle is a good guy and he doesn't want to disparage his name but it's obvious he's slightly annoyed with the entire thing. Such is the case when dealing with a pro wrestler who's always trying to work you.

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