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WWE Hell in a Cell results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Oct. 2) in New Orleans

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WWE Hell in a Cell is all set to pop off tonight, Oct. 2, 2011, from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Hell in a Cell below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature a WWE championship triple threat Hell in a Cell match pitting John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio. The world heavyweight championship will also be defended inside the Hell in a Cell, as Mark Henry takes on Randy Orton.

Kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website! And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


Alberto Del Rio def. John Cena and CM Punk to win the WWE championship
Mark Henry def. Randy Orton to retain the world heavyweight championship
Beth Phoenix def. Kelly Kelly to win the Diva's championship
Sheamus def. Christian
Real Sin Cara def. Fake Sin Cara
Air Boom def. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger to retain the tag team championships
Cody Rhodes def. John Morrison to retain the Intercontinental championship

Geno here to get this thing rolling. Let's have fun tonight and remember, no illegal stream links. Let's have fun, Cagesiders.

The broadcast is live.

Christian out first for his match with Sheamus to kick off the pay-per-view.

Christian vs. Sheamus -- Miz and Truth are in the building at ringside as fans. They're showing that they have tickets but out comes John Laurinaitis. He hops over the barricade and starts arguing with the two. He's telling security to come over and remove them while they say they aren't going anywhere. Security escorts them off and Sheamus is out to get down to the business of the match. 

Slow start here early. Sheamus with the big advantage early, goes for a cover after a clothesline but only gets two. Christian rolls out of the ring and literally runs away. Climbs back in and pops Sheamus as he does the same. Eats a lariat for his hard work.

Christian makes a comeback but Sheamus snuffs it out with a backdrop. Christian regains control and starts pummeling Sheamus before pandering to the crowd by raising his hands and posing.

Sheamus comes storming back and is pounding on Christian. "Tougher than a two-dollar steak is Sheamus." We love you, J.R.

Christian goes for the Killswitch off a reversal on a slam but it's too early for that. Goes to the outside and gets a neck breaker on the ropes. Sheamus comes back with a backbreaker and covers but only gets two. Sheamus calls for the Celtic Cross and goes for it but Christian slides under his legs and recovers with punches. Climbs to the top rope and Sheamus follows him over. Tornado DDT and the cover from Christian barely gets one.

Christian again goes for the Killswitch, to no reaction from the crowd but Sheamus pops out and gets a running knee. The crowd liked that. Heads out to the apron to go for the top rope but Christian stops him. He gets back over to the corner and does a spot where he uses just his arms to backflip onto the top rope. Hits the flying shoulder from the top and tries to finish with the Brogue Kick but Christian avoids. Ends up on the apron and Sheamus throws Christian out to the floor. Christian hits a spear outside the ring and climbs back inside hoping for a countout. Ref gets to seven before climbing back in and Christian hits another spear.

Two count.

Christian goes for a flying headbutt but Sheamus moves. Sheamus picks him up for the Celtic Cross but Christian reverses for the Killswitch, which gets reversed again and Sheamus hits the Brogue kick off the ropes for the win.

Sheamus def. Christian

Backstage for an interview with Mark Henry. He tells Josh Matthews to shut up and does an imitation of his voice. HA. Says it doesn't matter if it's in a back alley or a Hell in a Cell, Randy Orton is going to join the Hall of Pain.

Who deserves to be called the "real" Sin Cara? Let's find out.

Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara -- The "fake" Sin Cara debuts a new slower paced theme music. He's out in the new black and silver outfit. We'll call them by Mistico (for the real Sin Cara with the blue outfit) and Hunico (for the fake Sin Cara with the black outfit). They circle each other and point at themselves, each claiming they're the real deal.

Hunico ties up Mistico's legs with his own and stands on him posing. That was slick. Turns it into a backbreaker but Mistico reverses on top and gets a quick two count. Michael Cole is telling us that Sin Cara became a comic book type superhero in Mexico. "But which Sin Cara was it?"

Please shut up.

They trade a couple spots flipping around the ring and Hunico hits a flying leg scissors. Mistico comes back with one of his own. It's like they booked them both to mirror each others moves, both because it makes sense in the framework of the match and because they get to see who does it better firsthand. Whoever botches less keeps his job?

Mistico armdrag out of the ring leads to a front flip out and Hunico is down with the ref counting him out. He gets to four before Mistico slides and drills him while he tries to get back in. Uses the ropes to attempt a moonsault but misses. Back in they go and Hunico completely misses a flip into the ring on top of Mistico.

Still gets a two count out of it.

Ross finally admits that Hunico looks larger that Mistico, which is blatantly obvious. Booker says, "Screw these moves, just punch him in the face." God love you, Book. Hunico hits a suicide dive outside the ring but over the top rope. Back in and after a two-count, Hunico, who Booker is calling "Sin Cara Black," is working a sleeper.

HA. After they break, they do a spot with both hitting each other in what looked like they just threw themselves at one another. The crowd booed and started chanting "BOORING."

Mistico put a stop to that by hitting a big cross body off the top rope and to the outside. Back in the ring and Hunico gets a reverse into a powerbomb that gets a two count. Armdrag off the top rope. Wait, did Booker T just call Hunico "Sin Cara Negro?"

Mistico goes off the ropes and lands in another potential powerbomb but goes all the way over and reverses into a rolling slam into a pin that got the pinfall.

Mistico Sin Cara def. Hunico Sin Cara.

Backstage and they show Punk wrapping up. David Otunga wants to talk to him. Punk makes a joke about lawyers and Otunga puts himself over as being a Harvard grad. Says he's representing all the wrestlers and that includes Punk. Still, Punk maintains he doesn't want any of that and makes another crack against lawyers before telling Otunga to vanish.

Believe me, we wish he would.

Out comes Air Boom and apparently we're getting a tag team title match. Not sure why they couldn't announce this beforehand, but whatever.

Air Boom vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger -- Swagger and Kofi will kick things off. Kingston gets the best of it before tagging out to Bourne, who quickly gets slammed. Jack tags out to Ziggler. He comes in and gets tag teamed in the corner. Ziggler gets the edge now and gets some outside help from Swagger. Doesn't lead to anything, though. Ziggler with a dropkick after a sleeper. Goes for a cover and only gets two.

He continues the assault, working over Kingston's leg and dragging him to the corner so he can tag in Swagger. Kofi battles back with punches and kicks. Swagger shuts him down with a guillotine. Ross starts talking about Kofi having an underhook and I can't help but laugh. Swagger distracts Bourne and, in turn, the referee while Ziggler beats on Kingston. Slam gets a two count.

Ziggler back in and he just keeps working over Kofi. Tags in Swagger, who quickly gets the ankle lock. He slides out, though, and runs over and tries to jump Swagger to get the tag to Bourne. He can't get it at first but reverses Swagger into a DDT. He finally gets the hot tag and Bourne is cleaning house. Standing moonsault gets two. Swagger comes rolling in, not the legal man, and gets the ankle lock on Bourne. Kingston comes in for the save. Ziggler is up again and drills him. Bourne goes for a surprise roll up but only gets two.

Swagger tags in and he and Ziggler try a big spot off the top rope but Bourne reverses and gets the pin while Kofi holds Ziggler back from saving.

Air Boom def. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.

The cell is coming down so it's time for the world heavyweight championship match.

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton -- The promo they show beforehand really gets Henry over as a monster while selling that the only thing that can stop him is an RKO. Henry comes out first for some dumb reason and still isn't getting a lot of sustained boos. The commentary team continues to bring to light the fact that Henry has never been in a Hell in a Cell match. They chant for Randy before his music hits and he gets the biggest pop of the night so far. I still don't get this guy as a babyface but he's fairly over.

Cole says Orton is going for his tenth world championship. How sad is it that he's already won that many belts? Ugh. As soon as the bell rings, Orton goes after him hard. Drills him with punches and kicks and already has him on his knees and running outside the cage. Tries to put his face into it and Henry blocks that. Picks Orton up and tries to send him flying into it bur Orton reverses and sends Henry there.

We're about two minutes in and Henry is getting dominated. Good god, don't let this be.

Orton goes for the DDT off the ropes and Booker T tells us it will never work because "Henry's got two much girth on him." Even though, Orton hit that very move at the last pay-per-view. Finally, Orton goes for a dive on the outside and Henry catches him and starts tag dolling him all over the place, tossing him into the fence and the ring post.

Henry sends him back in the ring and hits a running power slam. Cover only gets two. Orton rolls out and they brawl on the outside. Henry picks him up and slams him down on the floor. I wonder how painful that actually is? Henry goes over and dislodges the steps while Orton sells on the floor.

Henry picks him up and sets him up against the cage before picking up the steps and heaving them a few feet at Orton's head. Randy, of course, moves out of the way. That was visually impressive, if nothing else. Henry throws Orton like a lawn dart into the fence and stops to tell him "Welcome to my hell!!"

Henry just dominating now. Hits consecutive backbreakers and covers for two. Now he's working a bear hug. Breaks off, a few moves, another bear hug. They go to the outside and do a slick spot with Orton getting out of a world's strongest slam by holding onto the cage and kicking Henry in the head. He even followed it up with a DDT on the steps. Crowd loved it.

Orton making his big comeback and gets a Lou Thesz press with about 20 punches. Hits the DDT off the ropes. Oh shit, he hits the RKO. YES! Henry kicks out. Crowd was hot and that looked like the big spot. Orton looks distraught and Cole is really selling it big that he can't beat Henry if the RKO didn't work. He starts staring down Henry, who is still selling and smiles while looking around. The crowd is eager in anticipation. He goes to the corner, setting up for the patented punt. He goes for it and Henry stands up and hits the world's strongest slam.


Mark Henry def. Randy Orton to retain the world heavyweight championship.

Henry is not done, as he hits another world's strongest slam and sets up a chair on Orton't foot. This is how he put Big Show and Kane out. Orton, of course, moves out of the way at the last moment and completely stops selling anything. He's got a chair, too, and drills Henry on the back with it. Henry runs away and Orton follows him up the ramp, repeatedly hitting him with chair shots.

My one beef with Orton is that he stops selling everything just as soon as he makes a comeback. Henry kicks Orton and stands up and runs away. Not a fan of the heel bailing out like that but I would too, if some crazy bastard was chasing me around trying to hit me with a chair.

Backstage interview with Alberto Del Rio. Says he shouldn't have to be in a barbaric match like this because he's not an animal. But he'll be vicious so he can win the match.

Cody Rhodes comes out to cut a promo. His voice annoys the shit out of me when he talks in that tone. Rhodes says the Intercontinental championship should be put to rest. Puts it into a paper bag and asks for a velvet bag. Are they debuting a new title tonight? YES!!! It's the old white Intercontinental title. The crowd pops big for it and I hope this is for real. Rhodes is running down the list of everyone who has held it, all the legends. Please be real. He says he'll wear this belt in honor of all those men.

Oh no. Laurinaitis comes out and interrupts him. Apologizes before introducing himself. Says Rhodes is going to defend the title tonight. Right now, actually and it will be against John Morrison.

Cody Rhodes vs. John Morrison -- Rhodes isn't even allowed to change into his ring gear and he's having this match in a suit. No doubt, more to complain about Triple H on. Morrison is dominating the match, too. Finally, Rhodes gets back. He grabs the ring post and refuses to let go. Tells the referee to count him out. Morrison gets out there and makes sure that doesn't happen. Rhodes in the ring back on the offensive, hitting an armdrag and turns it into an armbar.

Rhodes dominating now. Locks in a figure four leglock and the entire crowd goes "WHHHOOOOOOO!!!!" Let's it go fairly quick, though, and goes back to stomping Morrison. Did Melina try to sneak into a show or something? They've been burying Morrison for a while now.

Morrison makes his comeback and hits a sweet swinging slam. Morrison looks for Starship Pain but Rhodes grabs his leg. Misses a knee off the ropes but reverses into a big kick. Rhodes rolls him up out of nowhere and gets the pinfall.

Cody Rhodes def. John Morrison to retain the classic beautiful Intercontinental championship.

Backstage and Triple H is talking about how pissed he is at Laurinaitis making matches. Then Ace shows up and says he needs Trips to come with him because Miz and Truth are causing a ruckus and they run to the locker room just as security guards are restraining the two of them. They attacked Air Boom and left them laying before getting thrown out. Triple H tells Laurinaitis he told him to get actual cops for protection. One more mess up and it's his ass.

Dun, dun, dunnnn.

Diva's time, which means I'm taking my piss break.

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix -- Phoenix dominating. Kelly screaming with every move and I wish she would shut her trap. I'm actually muting it since it looks like Beth is just going to keep killing her. Man, these two are doing their best to have a decent match but Kelly is botching everything like usual. Jesus, stop screaming like a banshee. Eve and Natalya get into it on the outside. Natalya grabs a mic and starts telling Kelly to scream while she's in the backbreaker submission. Oh my god, they're amplifying the screams. The ref grabs Beth up and Natalya hits Kelly with the mic. Beth hits the Glam Slam and gets the pin for the win. As expected. Two weeks too late.

Beth Phoenix def. Kelly Kelly to win the Diva's championship.

Only one match left and an entire hour's worth of time to fill.

John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio -- Out first is Del Rio, driving a silver Mercedes. He's wearing silver trunks, presumably to coincide with that. Punk out second and the New Orleans crowd chanted his name beforehand. Not a huge pop, though. Cena out last to a chorus of cheers mixed with boos. The usual, basically.

During ring introductions one thing is clear -- no one gets a reaction from the crowd like Cena. I forget sometimes that that is the most important thing. They hate him or they love him but they feel something for him.

The match starts with Punk chasing Del Rio, then Cena chasing Del Rio. He's running from the both of them. Finally, they engage, and it's Punk and Cena are actually throwing each other off to get to ADR. HA. It's the old boo vs. cheer spot. Punk throws Cena off, cheers. Cena throws Punk off, boos. ADR just gets beat on.

Solid spot.

Finally, Del Rio bails out and Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment (AA) on Punk, which he doesn't get, while Punk goes for a GTS, which he doesn't get. Pointless. ADR shows up and slips outside off a miss on Punk and right into an AA from Cena. While Cena held him there, Punk did a suicide dive.

Back in the ring and Punk hits a neckbreaker. Dueling chants break out. "Let's go Cena" vs. "Cena sucks." Cole says they're actually saying "CM Punk," and it does sound alike. Eh, doesn't matter, I guess. Del Rio back in the ring with Cena now and hits a backbreaker that gets a two count. Chairs thrown about and Cena is making his comeback with the five moves of doom. Hits the five-knuckle shuffle but gets stopped before he can finish with the AA. Beautiful spot with Punk hitting a neckbreaker on Cena while simultaneously hitting a DDT on ADR. Pin on Cena gets a two count so he switches to ADR and still only gets a two count.

Uh-oh. Goes to the outside and he's setting up a table. Hits the running knee on Cena in the corner. Looks for the follow up bulldog onto the table but Cena throws him into the cell. Climbs back in the ring and Del Rio drills him with a chair. Ouch, ADR with a backbreaker on the chair. And the "steel" chair crumbles underneath him.

Del Rio continues to work over Cena while the dueling chants start up again. Del Rio takes a shoulder bump into the ring post. Cena goes for the leg drop off the top rope but Punk knocks him off. Hits a side suplex on ADR directly after and gets two off it. Another suplex gets two. The usual triple threat psychology here. One guy takes a big bump and ends up selling on the outside while the other two go at it in the ring. When he comes back, switch out guys, rinse, repeat.

Del Rio working a sleeper for a rest spot at the moment. Cena comes in out of nowhere and hits the leg drop off the top rope. Cover on Del Rio gets two, quick cover on Punk does the same. Again, Cena looks for the AA, which has to be like the eighth time he's done so in the 15 minutes this match has been going. Nothing comes of it and they all bump again. Del Rio is on the outside on the floor with Rodriguez trying to fan him off with the towel.

He comes back in with a chair after Punk and Cena go at it and puts Punk on top of Cena with a chair in between them. Which made no sense because that's a cover but the ref wasn't counting. I guess the chair in between mattered? All for naught, anyway, as ADR missed the spot off the top rope. He goes after Punk in the corner and takes a bump to the outside. Punk eats an AA, finally, but ADR rushes in to make the save before the referee can get to three. Del Rio goes for the cross armbreaker and Punk makes the save with a flip over the top rope onto Del Rio. Now it's Punk who hits the GTS on Cena. Pin gets two with Del Rio dragging him out and tossing him into the fence.


Del Rio sends Punk into the steps and starts working his knee with the chair. Gets back in the ring and works Cena before sending him out and giving him the same treatment. Once back in the ring, it's Punk who takes control. Up top for Punk and he hits the Macho Man flying elbow drop.

Two count.

Cena hits the ring and he goes all five moves of doom on Punk but gets kicked in the head while he's doing the "You can't see me" crap. Nicely done, Punk. He slams Cena and he's going back up top forr the elbow drop but Del Rio sends him off and crashing through the table he set up on the apron earlier. Del Rio then runs into the STF and Rodriguez knocks out the referee and takes the key to the cell. He climbs in the ring with a steel pipe and Cena sends him back out with an AA. Del Rio drills Cena with the pipe to the ribs. After knocking him out he locks the cage door and he's still got the key.


Cena is locked out while Punk is still reeling on the outside after going through the table. He picks up Punk and sends him in the ring. German suplex and he holds it but only gets a two count. We're just now a half hour into the match with another half hour to go in the show. Punk rolls up ADR but gets two. Oh, big kick off the top from ADR and he goes for another pin that gets two. They continue to show Cena selling the pipe shot to the ribs on the outside. Cole tells us he still doesn't know he's locked out of the cell.

Del Rio goes for the cross armbreaker but gets countered. Punk landing kicks and now a leg lariat. Cena trying to get back in now. Punk hits a bulldog. Cena searching Rodriguez for the key but Del Rio tossed it under the ring. Clothesline off the top rope from Punk gets two. Cena trying to open the cell with pure strength. God, if they gimmicked the damn thing, this will be so cheesy.

Del Rio hits Punk with the steel pipe and taunts Cena, who is still on the outside. ADR in the ring runs into the GTS but hits Punk with the pipe. ADR hits Punk with the pipe again and gets the pinfall for the win.

Alberto Del Rio def. CM Punk and John Cena to win the WWE championship.

Suddenly two mystery guys come in from the outside and it's Miz and Truth. They're assaulting everyone in the ring and while they're doing so the cell comes back down. Triple H, Laurinaits, hell, the entire locker room comes out trying to get inside the cell. Miz and Truth are just working everyone over while the rest of the roster shake the cage.

They finally send out someone with bolt cutters and the police are out there too. Miz and Truth surrender on their own while the police hold back the WWE roster. Booker T says we need "street justice." The WWE roster hurls insults at both guys while the cops take them out. Triple H comes out of nowhere and starts blasting both guys as the cops send them out. Laurinaitis tries to pull him off and he gets shoved down. Finally, Triple H gets dragged off them. Miz and Truth go out to the back and they fade out the pay-per-view with Triple H being held back.


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