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Cageside Quote: Jim Ross is 'treated wonderfully in WWE'

Sympathy? Jim Ross don't need your stinkin' sympathy.
Sympathy? Jim Ross don't need your stinkin' sympathy.

If you ever had any sympathy for Jim Ross' plight with WWE, it's likely about to go out the window. In a recent blog on his website, good old J.R. addressed those that take issue with his continued insistence on working for a company that periodically makes fun of him and tries to embarrass him under the cover of kayfabe.

I'm told by some fans that I'm a gutless sellout for continuing to work for WWE after "how you've been treated." These critiques, eye rollers to say the least, must be coming from bottom feeding adults or kids who have never had a job and are still living with mommy and daddy.

Other than by a handful of individuals, I am treated wonderfully in WWE so please don't base what you see on a TV and confuse it with day to day life.


Anyone can quit and one can argue that is one of the things that is wrong with our country, people quitting on their goals, quitting on committments, and quitting on doing all they can to make positive contributions in their professional and personal lives. I am not a quitter.

Ross is typically rather candid on his personal blog but this feels an awful lot like he's toeing the company line. His firing two weeks ago on Raw in Oklahoma brought up enough controversy that Vince McMahon decided to turn it into an angle and brought the veteran announcer back the next week to main event the Mexico City Raw in a mixed tag wrestling match.

It's been documented extensively here on Cageside Seats how Ross has been subjected to various humiliating situations on live TV with little or no notice but he continues to give little reason to feel any real sympathy for him.

Before long, no one will care at all. And there will only be one man to blame for that.

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