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TNA Impact spoilers for TV taping today (Oct. 18) for show to air Oct. 20

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TNA is holding tapings today (Oct. 18) for its Impact Wrestling show that will air this Thursday, Oct. 20 and there are quite a few interesting things to come out of Orlando.

With Bound for Glory going down this past Sunday (Oct. 16) and Bobby Roode failing to win the heavyweight title from an injured Kurt Angle, how did TNA follow up on that?

There was also a major return. Intrigue!

For those that would rather wait until the show airs, spoilers are posted after the jump.

According to, Gail Kim made her return to the promotion. She attacked Knockout's Champion Velvet Sky, which will presumably insert her directly into the top program for the ladies.

I'm sure that will go over well considering how she left WWE.

The major news, though, is the follow up to Bobby Roode's title loss. Details are sparse up to this point but what we do know is that Kurt Angle did the job and lost the TNA heavyweight championship ...

... to James Storm.

The match was short, of course, because of Angle's injury but afterwards Roode, Kazarian and A.J. Styles celebrated with Storm in the ring.

I'm sure this will please quite a few folks that believed Storm was the better half of Beer Money but for the time being it doesn't make a lot of sense. Angle was going to have to lose the title no matter what but why Storm and why on TV instead of Roode at the pay-per-view after a huge push?

We'll have to take the old wait-and-see approach on this one. After all, Hulk Hogan did say there are "big plans ahead for the Canadian."

I will say that a Roode vs. Storm feud for the title would be money but you just know they're in a hurry to put the title back on Jeff Hardy.

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