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WWE Smackdown ratings continue to rise for Oct. 14 show on SyFy

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The ratings for the WWE Smackdown show that aired this past Friday night (Oct. 14) from Dallas, Texas, are in and they just keep getting better.


WWE Smackdown on Friday, October 14 scored a 2.23 rating, improving on the previous week's 2.02 rating, which continued the hot streak of impressive ratings since Mark Henry became World Hvt. champion.

Smackdown averaged 3.17 million viewers, up from 3.03 million viewers on Oct. 7. The overall rating and average viewership were virtually even with the live Tuesday night Smackdown special on August 30.

For those that are firmly behind Mark Henry as world heavyweight champion (like myself), it's supremely good news that the numbers reflected as much. Honestly, could anyone have imagined that Smackdown's ratings would look this good with Henry carrying the strap? Anyone?

What makes this even more impressive is the fact that Raw last week was a ratings disaster by the time the show was over. After scoring a huge rating for the opening segment, viewers tuned out in droves throughout the remainder of the evening.

By the end of the show, nearly one million viewers had completely bailed. Thankfully, that didn't translate to Smackdown and the ship is sailing through steady seas.

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