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WWE Network: Legends reality series show in the works

If it means this guy is back on my TV, I am in.
If it means this guy is back on my TV, I am in.

WWE is in the process of rolling out a few shows for its upcoming WWE Network channel, which they hope to premiere sometime in 2012.

So far they've revealed a WrestleMania Rewind style show that will be a documentary style program revolving around each one of the WrestleMania's that have happened through the years. Then they announced a show about Diva's and now they're asking for fans to name the next show to air on the Network.

From the report:

Help name our newest show, a reality series featuring many of your favorite WWE Legends, all forced to live under one roof. See what happens when the most colorful and combustive personalities in WWE history shack up, break bread, and bruise egos.

I wonder how many former superstars are regretting signing those "Legends" contracts right now. Can you imagine "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase living in the same house and involved in shenanigans with "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes? It will be like 1990 all over again.

This sound like something you would be interested in watching? WWE is once again asking for fans to vote on the name of the show (do so by clicking here) and you can let us know which option you like best in our poll after the jump.

Which one do you like best? My vote goes to Old Timer Acres. Just makes me chuckle.

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