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Hulk Hogan: Suck it haters, still bumping after eight back surgeries

Last night (Oct. 16) at TNA Bound for Glory, Hulk Hogan lost a co-main event match against Sting but turned babyface after by attacking Immortal to make the save for The Stinger.

The match was controversial for the fact that the Hulkster, at 58-years-old and having undergone more than a handful of operations on his back and knees, has no business in the ring as a wrestler. To avoid having him take any bumps, TNA enlisted an injured and even older Ric Flair (62-years-old) to cause a few distractions to help the match along.

Still, Hogan managed to bump a few times and today on Twitter, he's bragging about it, along with tweeting the pic above to show off his battle scars:

"For all the ignorant haters that hate that I proved them wrong.bumpin after 8 back surgeries,suck it haters."

I presume we're supposed to think he's tough for gutting it out but I just think he's stupid for putting himself in this position. I used to be a big fan of Hogan's ... when I was a kid and before I was exposed to how the wrestling business really works. I don't fault him for getting the most out of his talents, he did that better than anyone, ever. But he should have quit years ago and I don't want to see him kill himself just to continue getting a pop from small crowds with promotions that are barely clinging to life.

Hogan has also come under heavy fire now that reports are out stating he's the one responsible for Bobby Roode losing in the main event. He's responded to a few folks on Twitter who called him out for as much:

@jamesbrown1400 keep watching you'll finally figure it out,big plans for the Canadian HH

@BrianRogers87 don't be a mark keep watching you'll figure it out. HH

So anyone who doesn't like Roode not winning the title last night at Bound for Glory is a mark ... but make sure you keep watching because they still have big plans for him!

Anyone buying it? Satisfied with his explanation? Impressed that he bumped with a back that looks like that? Any reaction to this man at all anymore?

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