5 Reasons Why Nobody Should Miss Gail Kim


Gail Kim in reaction to being told that the world doesn't revolve around her.


You may remember that former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Gail Kim was scheduled for her super duper ultra mega spinaroonie dipsy doodle sufferin' succotash comeback insult interview directed towards the WWE. Apparently it already happened. Did you want to see it? No? Me neither. I knew what to expect either way, a butthurt Diva ranting on for hours about how she didn't get special treatment in the WWE. Definitely not worth my 13 bucks. But a few days later to be exact, some websites showed us a few snipits of the transcript to the "interview" as well as a more recent "interview" from The Sun. Whaddya know? There are such things as Gail Kim fans. I thought they only existed in the Encyclopedia of Mythical Creatures.

Anyhoo, here are a number of reasons why she will not be missed in the WWE and will never get reception in TNA.

1. Her "disappearing act".

We all know what happened. She slid under the bottom rope and left the match. Apparently, you must be thrown over the top rope to get eliminated. By sliding under the bottom rope, she was still in the match, for people such have Santino and Dolph Ziggler done the same thing. Yet she decided to march off like, as somebody here put it, "a teenager working her first retail job". On what planet should a 34 year old woman be praised for this act of disrespect? Don't get me wrong. She had a good case for her to be defended, but chose to blow it so unceremoniously. Who cares how talented she is?

2. She is dishonest.

What we didn't know was that according to her Sun interview, she told John Laurinaitis (a man we can't give less than a minute ourselves, we know) she was quitting 10 minutes before the match started. On her sobfest on Twitter, she told her 12 or so fans that she was "trying to get attention by backstage people, but didn't". So she said two contradictory things at different times. In other words, she lied.

Another instance she could have lied was earlier this year. Read and enjoy via her twitter.

"Can people stop talking about me supposed leaving or my personal life here?its really annoying guys. I’m not going anywhere last time I’m saying it. It makes me want to avoid twitter. Let’s talk about more positive and interesting things. Happy raw day… Hopefully us divas will be in action 2nite! :)"

Three things wrong here, sister, you did leave, you are a nonstop tweet machine, and you leave your life an open book 24/7. Can you say "psycho"?

3. She's a whiner.

You may know why she types the things she does online, to get attention and to pander to the IWC to get support behind her for them to complain to the WWE that they were wrong to "misuse her". Many people are sick of it. If a wrestling site sees her go of on a tangent, is it a story worth running? Must you show us every single character she types? Because not a lot of people want to see it, and none of this should be worth posting.

"I am never going back to the WWE! I hate getting misused! I want to bury the Divas! I want more money! I want the spotlight all to myself! Vince McMahon is a poo poo head because he didn't give me what I want! Waaaaaaaaah I want my mommyyyyyyyyy!"

Sums up just about every philosophical phrase that shoots out of her Twitter page. Unacceptable.

So what if she wasn't on top of the Diva Division? Boo hoo. Do you see other wrestlers just lie there on the canvas expecting to get pinned and quit that way? Do you see the Divas ever complain about how they don't get the spotlight? Do you see people in TNA complain about how they're injuries aren't cared for, and the Knockouts that don't even make 1 or 2% of what Hulk Hogan earns per year? Does she bother to care how lucky she was to be given a second chance from the #1 wrestling company in the world? How much money she earned? How much care she received from injuries? How many fans to came to WWE events and cheered for her? The benefit events and TV shows (just like last week on Nickelodeon) she appeared on? I guess as long as she's not Divas Champion, the answer is "no".

4. She's doesn't care about the business.

So she quit a match, she bawls nonstop on the internet, she schedules dozens of events and interviews, and the more she does this, the more respect and credibility she loses. Why? Because she's doing all this to please herself.

Had she not done all this, not broke etiquette, had been quietly released, and thanked the WWE and the Divas, it would have turned out a lot better. She embarrassed the Divas and practically women's wrestling in general, and everybody should be disappointed with the way she handled herself. None of this matters to Gail, because she did all this for herself.

But is it suppose to make me feel sorry for her? I feel sorry for the officials and trainers that have worked every day with her, for nothing. I feel sorry for the Divas in that ring that Gail walked away from who are there to practice and exercise every day to do the best they can in the place they do their jobs. I feel sorry for the fans who paid good money to see RAW on TV and in person that week and were subjected to witness Gail walk out on them. Hell, I feel sorry for WWE just for having her around and have to put up with her like they were babysitting her. I also feel sorry for the men and women in TNA, ROH, and other promotions around the world that try would kill to get opportunities and experiences that Gail believes aren't good enough for her.

Back in 2008, WWE could have just signed some other woman who deserved to be there. Now I wished they did.


5. She would be a tumor to the Knockouts Division.

If I had a nickel for somebody that said they couldn't wait to see her going to Impact. I think to myself, why? I got a good idea of what it would be like with her in TNA.

Dixie will hear through her cries of despair and offer her a whopping $100,000 per year she doesn't even deserve, that they could use to invest in the company itself instead. She'll be brought in as yet another of Dixie's "big surprises" and shoot on the WWE, saying how "badly" she's been treated and how wrestling is more focused towards the women at TNA, or Impact Wrestling, or maybe it's "Hypocrites R Us". She could feel right at home at a fed named "Hypocrites R Us". She'll be yet another ex Diva suckup that gets the queen treatment, and will join the likes of Mickie James, Katie Lea, Victoria, Brooke, and whoever else gets signed, that becomes the new upper echelon for that division. Always over, never buried, wins a lot, while stepping all over what's left of the homegrown foundation of their women that have spent years trying to make ends meat and get noticed.

But of course as I said earlier, Gail doesn't care. Be my guest, Gail, if it satisfies you to wrestle in front of 1400 parkgoers at the same venue 3 times a month, where ratings don't go past 1.3 and PPV buyrates are very poor, you'll be happy there as long as they present you with everything you've ever wanted like a spoiled toddler, even if it means taking away from workers who spent years trying to get to that level.

Your next Knockout Champion?

*slow clap* Congratulations, Gail Kim. You schemed a very unwarranted exit out of the WWE, you expose yourself as an overwhelmed drama queen which makes you look amateur, and your cries for attention just makes me want to cheer for the women who don't complain in WWE & Impact (including the ones that have been fired unfairly) even more. So, was it all worth it?

"A lot of people said that they lost respect for me because I was unprofessional. But unless anyone walks in your shoes they do not what you feel."

We know, Gail. We also know if people were unhappy being in the WWE, they just left. Just because you think you're such an elite woman's wrestlers means you can have any kind of attitude you want to? *Edge voice* Wrong! The best workers aren't always the most talented and they don't wrestle to satisfy themselves. People want to wrestle because they love the business and they do what they can to help the business and make sure those people in attendance get their money's worth. Clearly this doesn't describe you. You're not gonna be remembered by the "WWE Universe" as a talented wrestler, unfortunately, because your exit told us otherwise.

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