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Video: Kurt Angle says Bound for Glory is 'the last time you will ever see Hulk Hogan wrestle'

Kurt Angle appears on NBC in Philadelphia to promote Bound for Glory this coming Sunday, Oct. 16 in "The City of Brotherly Love."

A few interesting notes from his short appearance. Angle limped out and reports say he was very clearly injured. When asked, he said he's having trouble with a hamstring.

He also confirmed that his match against Bobby Roode is scheduled to be the main event.

Perhaps most interesting, though, is his claim that Hogan's match against Sting, which they've been marketing as a fight instead of an actual wrestling match, will mark "the last time you will ever see Hulk Hogan wrestle." Of course, he says this while telling fans to make sure to come out to watch the show, so take that as you will.

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