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Smackdown spoilers and spoiler free preview for show to air Oct. 14

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WWE Smackdown, which will air this Friday, Oct. 14, 2011, from Dallas, Texas, was taped last night (Oct. 11), which means spoilers are available if that's your fancy.

And there's still plenty to be curious about.

Vince McMahon relieved Triple H of his duties on Raw and inserted John Laurinaitis as the Interim General Manager. Did that affect Smackdown in any way?

They also locally advertised a D-Generation X reunion while playing up a 41-man battle royal. How did all that play out?

Complete spoilers are after the jump.

-- DX did, indeed, appear at the show, although not in a capacity that will air on television. They did an extensive segment before tapings started that was actually rather non-PG. In the midst of which, they hinted at a future WrestleMania being held in Cowboys Stadium.

-- John Laurinaitis was, in fact, in the building and acting as the man in power, alongside Teddy Long. They announced the 41-man battle royal as the biggest of all time and the winner, in turn, would receive a title shot against the champion of his choosing in the main event of the evening.

-- Randy Orton won the 41-man battle royal, which was about as good as expected. He did so by eliminating Miz with an RKO on the apron saw he and Miz fall to the floor. The refs convened and determined that Orton was the winner. He chose to face Mark Henry for the world heavyweight championship.

-- Beth Phoenix def. Kelly Kelly.

-- Sin Cara Hunico attacked Sin Cara Mistico and unmasked him, saying it was his mask before putting it on himself and defeating Justin Gabriel.

-- After Randy Orton chose Mark Henry earlier in the night, Alberto Del Rio was going to leave but was stopped and inserted into a match against Sheamus. He lost via disqualification due to Christian interference. Christian made sure to lay a beating on Sheamus before leaving.

-- Kofi Kingston teamed with Zack Ryder against Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler because Evan Bourne legitimately injured himself on Raw. Kofi and Ryder pick up the win after Kingston hits "Trouble in Paradise" on Ziggler and pulls Ryder -- the legal man -- on top.

-- Randy Orton def. Mark Henry in the main event via disqualification thanks to Cody Rhodes interference. Big Show then made his way out to clean house and the show ended with him hitting Henry with a chokeslam and Orton hitting Rhodes with an RKO.

-- The post tapings dark match featured John Cena defeating Alberto Del Rio via disqualification thanks to interference from Ricardo Rodriguez, who took the STF for his troubles.

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