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WWE Raw ratings for Oct. 10 show: Huge first hour leads to big drop in second hour

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The ratings are in for WWE Raw Supershow last night (Oct. 10), which took place in Oklahoma City, and the numbers are fascinating to say the least.

PWTorch has it:

WWE Raw on Monday, October 10 scored a 3.25 rating, up two-tenths of a ratings point compared to last week and the highest rating since August 15 - the night after Summerslam. It shows strong interest in the fall-out from last week's "walk-out" angle.


Overall, Raw averaged 5.02 million viewers, the most since Aug. 15. The first hour averaged 5.38 million viewers, which was the most since May 23 (19 weeks). The second hour then dropped to an average of 4.67 million viewers, indicating viewers lost interest in the show as it went on.

Essentially, they created a ton of curiosity with the Raw walkout angle last week and then completely and utterly blew it with the eventual explanation for it and drove viewers away in droves and, by the time they got to the end of the show, a huge segment of the audience had given up and tuned out.

This makes sense just in reading the comments in the Raw live blog thread this week. Fans were not happy with this show, with some calling it a glorified episode of TNA Impact Wrestling.

They have to know now that a mass walkout has potential to be something that works as an angle but it needs real follow up as opposed to shotgun booking by a writing team under pressure from a madman demanding rewrites right up until the show starts.

Anyone surprised at the numbers?

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