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On this date in WWF history: Kurt Angle defends the title against WCW owner Shane McMahon

On Oct. 1, 2001, WCW "owner" Shane McMahon challenged Kurt Angle for the WWF title as part of the failed "Invasion" angle on Monday Night RAW.

Shane-O-Mac promised to bring the belt home to the "Alliance" where it belonged and had Rob Van Dam in his corner to try and help overcome the three I's.

While it may seem unreasonable to think McMahon had a chance, he stacked the tables deck in his favor by having the Dudley Boyz put the Olympic gold medalist through a table -- and stymie The Rock in the process.

Kurt Angle defends against Shane McMahon on this date in WWF history, after the jump.

He may not have been a full-time wrestler, but Shane McMahon sure knew how to hit a spot. And his footwork was "money."

Any Cagesiders out there disagree?

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