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Obama's Takedown Defense: UFC's Jacob Volkmann Gets Secret Service Visit

Getting more attention then it should, Ariel Helwani's MMA Fighting post fight interview with Jacob Volkmann after his victory against Antonio McKee became of national interest when the Lightweight made an off the cuff comment about President Barack Obama.

"Actually, Obama. He's not too bright," Volkmann said. "Someone's gotta knock some sense into that idiot."

Helwani then asked if he was a fan of Sarah Palin. Volkmann said "no" and explained that he didn't like what Obama was doing.

"I'm a chiropractor," he said. "So I know the health care situation is not good. But he's making it worse."

As you might expect, comments on blogs that picked up on the story such as the Huffington Post were reactionary in nature and pretty soon even the United States' Commander in Chief was aware of the disgruntled spine-straightening Minnesotan. Well, actually President Obama is probably completely oblivious but that didn't stop the Secret Service paying Volkmann a visit last night.

Volkmann's head Coach Greg Nelson elaborates via Facebook:

OK, worst case of rediculitis for the week: The Secret Service made a visit to Jacob last night while he was coaching Youth Wrestling and to his house. Questioned his motives regarding the below comments. Keep your thoughts and opinions and any comments regarding the president, his administration, and policies to yourselves. This absolutely cracks me up.

I doubt any more comes of this. I think it's standard policy for the Secret Service to investigate someone when comments about the President are made; no matter how facetious, ironic or satirical they might be they're probably expected to take everything literally just to be sure. Also they probably do it just to appease (read: shut up) the mountain-out-of-molehill morons who keep emailing the White House to express how outraged they are whenever someone says something critical though relatively innocuous about the Head of State - even though one has a constitutional right to do so.

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