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Taryn Terrell: The Loose Cannon (or, "How to screw over your man's career.")


Let's face it: romance and wrestling just don't mix. Ask Matt and Lita. Or Hulk and Linda. Or Chris and Tammy. Or Goldust and Marlena. Or John and Melina. Or Ric Flair and any of his 46 wives. The list goes on, and, frankly. it rarely ends well. Furthermore, it seems this is a lesson young Drew McIntyre might be learning these days, as his  wife Taryn Terrell (former WWE diva "Tiffany") continues to recklessly jeopardize his already-shaky position in the company with a series of strange tweets and interviews in which she critiques WWE, usually followed by some clumsy backtracking and apologies.

Interestingly, Terrell was, at first, quite diplomatic about WWE. Notably in her first major interview since being released from the company. Her release stemmed, of course, from her August arrest for a domestic incident with Drew following the couple's trip to LA's Playboy Mansion. Per reports, WWE were furious not only about the charges (she was later acquitted), but about the couple going to, and being photographed at, such a raunchy environment in this new PG era. Talking to in late November, interview can be found here, she was quite complimentary about WWE, with the the only odd moment coming when she dismissed that the assault charges as blown out of proportion, and insisted the incident was only stirred up by "enemies of my husband". She did not elaborate on this matter.    

But then came a very controversial tweet on her account, on Decmeber 19th, in which she answered a fan question about whether she would ever return to WWE. More after the jump.

 No...if I have to sleep with people in power to keep or continue progressing in my job, I'd rather be poor. @Marcus_R_: @TarynTerrell Do you think you'll ever return to WWE?"

Goes without saying: this caused a bit of fuss. With numerous follow-up tweets asking what divas specifically she was referring to, and wanting her to elaborate more. Interestingly, former diva Shelly Martinez (known as "Ariel" in WWE) noted on her twitter: "For the record, I do not think Tiffany's response was shocking. Simply reality."

The story was then picked up by almost all of the newz sites, pouncing on her claims and the sniff of  a scandal. Likely recognizing her mistake, and the trouble she may have gotten her husband into, she then wrote this rather bizarre tweet, announcing she was deleting the tweet that had caused all  the bother and denying she was talking about WWE at all:

I'm deleting a certain text because it's being taken the wrong way. It was certainly not talking about anyone or any incident. Just that I've worked many jobs in which the casting couch has existed and I refuse to ever take part in that. so it was a generalized statement of companies I've worked for, which none of you know what companies they were; and It was not about wwe. so I apologize if it was taken out of context and reads differently than what I meant. Have a fabulous day Tweet World!

Um...not talking about WWE? She was specifically asked about them when she gave her casting couch answer. This was a bad move. It would have been better to simply delete the tweet and move on; she ended up drawing more attention to her initial comment with her denial. 

Seemingly not having learned a thing from the twitter debacle, Taryn returned to bashing the company in an interview with the Miami Herald. This interview is here. First of all, she criticised the company's PG direction when discussing her upcoming DivaMania tour: "We don't have to worry about the PG level of WWE, which is what we were under the constraints of."  Considering this is supposedly an autograph tour, with former divas Jillian Hall and Maria Kanellis, how an R-Rating will make one bit of difference when signing your name is beyond me. But as noted, Tiffany is known for saying some odd things from time to time (one tweet of hers reads simply: "I like poptarts.").  Also, Taryn spoke negatively about Smackdown's recent Drew and Kelly romance storyline (which has, incidentally, led some of the worst acting segments this writer has ever seen since Troll 2 or The Room.)

"Drew had gone to the writers quite a few times to pitch that exact storyline with me.Then, since I got released, they decided to use Kelly. I'm not really sure if that was meant as a way of, `Yeah. You're gone. Let us torture you a little bit' or not. It is what it is. I will never know.

It sucks because I know that was the role originally pitched for me and Drew, which would have been amazing because we are actually a couple. I think it's a little bit ridiculous because everyone who watches WWE knows that we are married. So it's a little strange. I personally don't understand it, but at the same time I sort of get myself into a little bit of controversy talking about it."

Considering how spiteful WWE has been in the past (this is the same company that are allegedly still angry with Jim Ross for getting photographed once at a UFC event, after all) she's probably right that this is some sort of dig at her. It is even more likely when you consider that it is no secret in the company that Drew and Taryn have a stormy relationship. Dave Meltzer, in particular, called their marriage " tempestuous" on his radio show shortly after her arrest. Rumours abound about her jealously and possessiveness towards Drew; in which case, putting Drew in a romantic angle with a stunningly attractive blond like Kelly, will surely only serve to rub salt in the wound. Hopefully this will not lead to another husband-beating incident and to the police being called, but it is wrestling, so you never know.

Regardless though, Taryn needs to be more careful of what she says in the future. Drew is already on thin-ice after failing to get over despite an initial big push, and has his doubters in management. His wife constantly complaining about the company he works for will only serve to hinder him more in their eyes. And it's not like WWE is above punishing someone for the actions of a family member. Just ask Matt Hardy.

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