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Are Kevin Nash & Booker T going to be in the Royal Rumble?

Some interesting news is surfacing on the interwebs.  Whilst surfing around on the eve of The Royal Rumble, I was sent a link from fellow wrestling blogger Stan Grubb.  With 10 additional wrestlers in the Rumble this year, rumors have been swirling on who could be filling those extra slots.  Names like Triple H, Chris Jericho & Batista have been mentioned to potentially make returns.  It now looks like WWE fans will be getting a blast from the past on Sunday night.  Via

[The main guy from the site with the spyware that we refuse to name here at Cageside Seats] is reporting that according to his sources, both Kevin Nash & Booker T are expected to be a part of the Royal Rumble as surprise entrants.  

According to [Spyware Site Guy], Nash ended his his discussions with TNA in the last several days and was recently removed from the TNA's website roster.

Booker T makes perfect sense. The WWE is very young right now. With the absence of names like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, The Undertaker, Batista, Chris Jericho and others, younger wrestlers have been forced to step up and carry the spotlight.  Booker T is a good worker and a big name that brings a veteran presence to the locker room. I could see him having a place with company once the Rumble has come and gone.

The real headscratcher is Kevin Nash.  He has made it clear via twitter that he wants to be at Shawn Michaels' Hall of Fame induction.  His body is broken down & for whatever reason his hair seems to be a sticking point in his relationship with the WWE.  They want him to dye it and he likes it gray.  All of that said, I think a pop in for the most exciting match of the year is a great idea for Nash.  It would put a nice little bow on his WWE career and help garner some exposure for him with the WWE's younger audience.  We also don't know if Nash or Booker T will be showing up in the WWE's upcoming All Stars video game. If so, all of this is great promotion for yet another one of the corporation's seemingly endless line of products.

Regardless, as a 32 year old wrestling fan, it would be nice to see the company I grew up watching acknowledge those from my generation.  I realize the PG format seems to be profitable, but keeping it's older fans happy benefits the WWE as well.  I think having these two blasts from the past involved in the Royal Rumble would be a nice nod to those of us who still watch. Let's see how it pans out...

Update from David Bixenspan: Dave Meltzer at confirms that Booker T is absolutely going to be in the Rumble match, and "Nash is expected to be there as well."  Both cancelled appearances this weekend.

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