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Strikeforce Diaz vs Cyborg Round Table Picks

Diaz Cyborg. Damn you Google! *shakes fist* via <a href="">Bob Schneider Art</a>
Diaz Cyborg. Damn you Google! *shakes fist* via Bob Schneider Art

Nick Diaz vs Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos

Kaleb Kelchner: Diaz via TKO Round 3 - Although I respect the fact that Cyborg can brawl like no other, and looks damn good at welterweight, I've got to go with Diaz.  Diaz hasn't fought top competition in a long time, but Cyborg isn't top competition, and thats what has been pushing Diaz along.  I suspect that Diaz is going to jab, circle, and eventually swarm Cyborg.  His punches in bunches are like a school of piranha, each hit not doing much damage, but once a swarm is on  you, you're bloody, confused, and beaten.  So long as Diaz took this fight seriously, put in the work, and can perform well, he should take this...but if Diaz leaves an opening, Cyborg may very well blast through it.

Derek Suboticki: Cyborg via TKO ROund 2 - Reason Nick Diaz has one win over a welterweight currently in the USAT/SBN top 25.  It's Chris Lytle, via cut, back in 2002.  Diaz is much more well rounded, but I'm rooting for karma to tear Strikeforce a new one here.

KJ Gould: Diaz via TKO Round 2 - Cyborg has technically got better, and brings a strength with him that served him relatively well when he was a muscular Light Heavyweight. He blitzkrieged Zaromskis because of the stocky Lithuanian's kick first ask questions later attack, but I don't think the same will happen if Diaz uses his Boxing correctly. I think cyborg will be difficult to put away but I can see Diaz possibly dropping him with a bodyshot which will either finish him or set him up for a submission.

Robbie Lawler vs Ronaldo "Jacare" de Souza

Kaleb: Jacare via Submission Round 3 - Definitely the hardest fight to pick on the card.  Jacare showed some serious skill boxing against Tim Kennedy in his last fight, and I'm expecting continued progress for the champion.  Jacare will not be nearly as eager to trade, but savvy footwork, solid counter punches, and the threat of a takedown should stifle Lawler enough to eventually allow Jacare to get this to the mat.  Once on the ground, Jacare should be able to control Lawler, but I don't think it will mean certain defeat for the challenger right off the bat.  After two full rounds of back and forth, I see Lawler fading a bit, which will allow Jacare to open up a bit, and he'll get Lawler down, and finish it.

Derek: Jacare via Submission Round 2 - Robbie Lawler and Matt Lindland was for "most overrated middleweight in history", and Lawler won handily.  This bout, however, is for the best MW in SF title (sorry, Tim Kennedy - you v Lawler would be fun), and that's going to be a little steeper.  Jacare via gator grip, 2nd round.

KJ: Jacare via Submission Round 1 - Robbie Lawler is incredibly one dimensional and has been his entire career. Take him out of the dimension he excels in and he's toast. Jacare is one of the more athletic BJJ guys you'll see and I think his striking is enough to set up a decent take down before choking out the Ruthless one.

Hershel Walker vs Scott Carson

Kaleb: Walker via TKO Round 1 - Herschel trains with a good camp, and knows enough about fighting to win.  Carson is brought in to lose, and I'm certain that he will.  Don't make me eat my words, Scott.  Walker via TKO round one.

Derek: Walker via TKO Round 3 - Why am I picking Herschel?  Because the only reason his opponent is there is that Strikeforce needed someone to lose to Walker.  Rich Chou isn't in Joe Silva's league, but I feel like he can at least find a sacrificial lamb when he needs one.  Remember Greg "Nudge" Nagy?  Walker via armpit strikes, round 3.

KJ: Walker TKO Round 1 - Showtime and Strikeforce are hoping for an easy notch for Walker to add to his belt and keep him sweet. He's also incredibly athletic even at his senior age and is at a decent training camp as has been mentioned. As much as I'd like to see an upset similar to what happened to Bobby Lashley last year, it's not going to happen tonight.

Roger Gracie vs Trevor Prangley

Kaleb: Prangley via Unanimous Decision - Gracie didn't impress me against Randleman, and Prangley just beat Keith Jardine...this is a serious challenge for Gracie, and one that I don't think he's up to.  Prangley is going to do his best to keep this on the feet, and make Gracie uncomfortable with as many punches as he can land.  I expect Prangley to edge out two rounds, and win via unanimous decision.

Derek: Prangley via Unanimous Decision - Prangley may well be the best 205er not currently in the UFC.  His future isn't as bright as, say, a Feijao or a King Mo (P.S., this sobriquet makes about as much sense on Mo as it does on LeBron James these days), but he's just not truly terrible at any aspect of the game.  Hoger, for his mastery of one of those aspects, has a bunch of holes.  Prangley is too good to play Gracie's game.

KJ: Roger via Submission Round 1 - Maybe I'm just playing devil's advocate here, but I think people are severely underestimating exactly how good Roger Gracie's submission game is. He's not as dynamic or varied as some but the adage "fear the man who can do one thing well a thousand times then the man who can do a thousand things well once" comes to mind. ADCC and Mundials winners can be considered akin to Olympic Gold Medalists in what they do. Roger Gracie is beyond that. In a Gi Roger Cross Chokes everyone. In No Gi he Rear Naked Chokes everyone. No one can seem to stop it even though EVERY one knows its coming. One of the few to win against Roger Gracie was Jacare, and that was by decision - after Roger broke his arm and Jacare stayed the f**k away for the rest of the bout. At least in MMA, a snapped limb signals the end of the fight. I'll take GSP's word for it that Roger has underrated takedowns and expect a submission that will leave Prangley with a WTF? semi-conscious expression on his face.

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