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Brock Lesnar Talks Undertaker, TUF 13, and Junior dos Santos

In this lengthy interview with former UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, he claims that his goal is to help the kids on The Ultimate Fighter improve their lives, but more importantly he wants to get in some training, and this is a fast track back to the title, or in Lesnar's words "get my (expletive) belt back."  In his eyes, Junior dos Santos is simply a road block.

Apparently, Lesnar felt that the Las Vegas weather, opposed to the -30 degrees in Alexandria, didn't call for his epic beard. In all seriousness though, the former champion appears to have his priorities set, with his eyes on recapturing the heavyweight strap. Lesnar expressed confidence in his team he brought with him to the set, and that he's all business when it comes to the show.  I'm eager to see how this season goes, as well as how huge the numbers will be.  My prediction?  A huge first episode will be followed by a season that doesn't see the huge drop off in viewers as the season carries on.  That will be what makes this season such a success.  

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