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Ric Flair pulled from TNA's European tour


According to that one guy from the site with the questionable ad server, Ric Flair has already missed one TNA house show in Berlin, Germany, and will likely miss the rest of the company's European tour due to a bust-up with management in Dublin, Ireland that ended up with Flair refusing to board the plane to Germany.

"He threw a fit," said the source, who would speak only under condition of anonymity. "He was playing 'Nature Boy' on the tour and got pissed off and threw a tantrum. As far as we all know, he's in Dublin still. He said he wasn't coming and he wasn't in Berlin."

Later, he elaborated and said the problem was money:

The Ric Flair incident in Dublin, Ireland was said to have been driven by Flair demanding money "in advance" from a member of TNA management. When his request wasn't granted, Flair allegedly tried to play hardball, refusing to get on a bus that was taking the TNA troupe to the airport for their flight. That incident led to a decision being made to leave Flair behind, since he was refusing to get on the plane and this had not been the first instance of similar issues with Flair over the last year.

Flair's partying was also pointed to as a factor.

There was a lot of discussion regarding how much Flair's legendary "partying" on the road during the tour may have factored into his decision to refuse to get on the bus as well

Jason Powell of has confirmed that account :

 The talk is that Flair wanted a financial advance and when his request was rejected by the tour manager Craig Jenkins, he felt disrespected and opted to leave. It's still possible that the situation could be resolved, but the crew is under the impression that he has left the tour.

Stay tuned for more.

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