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Three people wounded in shooting involving WWE's Great Khali

According to Indian news channel Aaj Tak via Ranjan Chhibber at Slam Wrestling, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dalip "The Great Khali" Singh and his bodyguard were involved in a shooting outside the home of an Indian politician earlier today.  Three people in attendance were seriously injured by the gunfire.

Khali had been invited to visit with Deputy Speaker of the Punjab State Assembly Satpal Gosain at his home in Ludhiana, Punjab since his grandson is a huge fan of his.  Fans gathered outside the house and according to eyewitness reports given to Aaj Tak, Khali's bodyguard (who may have been drinking not long beforehand) became very violent when children went up to his client, shoving many of them and later violently beating another.  When the crowd tried to help the boy that the bodyguard attacked, he started firing his gun at them.  Khali disappeared from the scene as soon as possible.

No charges have been filed as of yet.

Police inspector Surinder Mohan's account quoted by conflicts Aaj Tak's in a rather suspicious way, especially since Khali is a former Punjab police officer:

Khali had gone to the house of Punjab Deputy Speaker Satpal Gosain for dinner Friday night. While he was coming out of the house, a huge crowd of fans had gathered there to catch a glimpse of the star. The fans became restless in a bid to click photographs of Khali.  In the melee, some unidentified person fired in the air.  Splinters of the bullet hit two people, one sustained an injury in the shoulder while the other had minor bruises.

Khali has been on a leave of absence from WWE since August to appear on Indian reality show Bigg Boss, which is the Indian version of Celebrity Big Brother. The show started in October and ended earlier this month with Khali finishing in second place.

Update: Zee News has yet another version of the story, which seems like the most accurate one except for the assertion that the bodyguard(s?) had to use their weapons, but that seems like a translation issue since it doesn't necessarily mesh with the rest:

Later when Khali came out the fans jostled with his bodyguards to get near Khali but as the bodyguards resisted this move a scuffle ensued. The bodyguards had to open fire and several rounds were fired injuring a few fans, one of them seriously.

An eyewitness, Rajan said that at first the bodyguards fired in the air to scare the fans away but soon after fired directly injuring two people.  He further added that instead of taking action against Khali's bodyguards the police threatened to register cases against the people who were protesting against the firing.

Khali's vehicle was stoned by the mob. The mob protested in front of the house of Gosain even after Khali had left.

I expect that we'll hear a lot more about this tomorrow.

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