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Chael Sonnen Breaks Kayfabe To Talk Amateur Wrestling

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

I've noticed before with Chael Sonnen that if you talk to him in his own environment and get conversation away from fighting in the UFC to something that has a more deep rooted place in his heart like Amateur Wrestling you won't end up speaking with the outrageous sound-byte machine we've come to know him as.

Currently the De Facto Heel or guy you want to hate in Mixed Martial Arts due to the steroid / claimed HRT use debacle blowing the chance of what would have been the most anticipated rematch UFC could offer (that was until the recent Edgar vs Maynard epic that ended in a draw) and also the recent revelation of money laundering / skimming that has him in Federal hot water you wouldn't think you could have any sympathy for the guy.

On watching the above video taken this weekend by the folks at Flowrestling though you see there is something he genuinely cares about in coaching his kids for competition, and his concern for the future of scholastic wrestling with various programs around the country and in his home state of Oregon shutting down over budget issues and what schools and colleges need to do to make sure people turn out to see a wrestling tournament.

There's no shtick. No spiel. No pre-rehearsed catchphrases. No borderline (or clear cut) xenophobic or racially tinged zingers. This is a rare sighting of Chael Sonnen at his most honest and low key, away from his role as Fight Hyping / Political trash talker. It's kind of refreshing.

Don't worry though, you can almost inevitably expect Sonnen to get back into character and put his foot in his mouth at some point in the near future.