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Video: Scott Coker on Bobby Lashley, Batista, and Much More

Strikeforce president Scott Coker sits down with Ariel Helwani to discuss a variety of topics.

  • First half of the video is all Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix info, nothing much of note other than Coker saying that the "top secrect" second alternate fight for the tournament wouldn't involve Daniel Cormier.  I don't buy it.
  • At 5:09 Coker talks about the potential match between Nick Diaz and Jason Miller.  Says that two pounds were all that kept the fight from happening, and that Diaz said that he may be willing to fight him next year.  It's a shame that one of the most marketable fights Strikeforce could make couldn't get done, thats a lot of new viewers that won't tune in over "two pounds".
  • At 6:31 Diaz vs. Cyborg is brought up.  Coker says it's going to be "off the hook", and I'll be shocked if he's wrong about that.
  • 9:04, Coker's answer to the question "Have you signed Batista yet?" is "Not yet." He goes on to say that scheduling is what has kept Batista out of the cage thus far, doing back to back movies.  Strikeforce handles inexperienced professional fighters well, which you heard plenty of if you caught Coker discussing Herschel Walker in this video.  With that in mind, a Batista fight may not be so bad.  Barring injury, Batista would likely fight someone turning pro, or with a losing record and do alright.  Batista bringing many crossover fans with him though, is a whole different story
  • To close, at 9:40 Coker says Strikeforce still has some rights to Bobby Lashley.  Lashley hasn't fought since his TKO loss to Chad Griggs back in August of 2010, where he gassed badly and was finished come the end of round two.  Despite his last performance, I believe there's still some life in Lashley's MMA career, and he's smart enough to make the changes needed to go out and win some fights against decent opponents.  The question is, does he want to?

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