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Wrestlemania 27: So much potential.


I've covered the last two Wrestlemania's for WJFK is Washington DC.  I have to say as a person that works in sports talk radio, some of the majesty of live sporting events has lost its luster.  I would no longer attend a football or basketball game for pleasure.  That does not apply to Wrestlemania.  It is a production that could never get old for me.  Its larger than live presentation & over the top entertainment value has made it the finest live event I have ever attended.  That's why this time of the year is so much fun for me.  It takes me back to a place where I can just be a  fan & not someone that has to dissect & discuss feats of athleticism.  It also takes me back to a place where my mark friends & I would play fantasy matchmaker. We would put together our ideal Wrestlemania cards.  I'd like to do that here & now with my friends at Cageside Seats. Let me see what you all think.

The WWE has been criticized for not putting enough thought into building feuds between members of their stable.  At times, I would agree with that criticism.  This is not one of the times.  There is a veritable horn of plenty available to Vince & company for this year's Granddaddy of them all.  The heavyweight title matches are an obvious place to start.  Assuming Edge retains against Dolph Ziggler (which he absolutely should), I would pit him against Alberto Del Rio.  Del Rio sets up perfectly to win the Royal Rumble & the Raw title picture already has plenty of options.  With Edge & Big Show currently playing the role of the babyface, Del Rio is the biggest heel on the WWE's second show.   A match with Edge would leave the rest of Smackdown's title contenders with a very interesting number one contenders match.  I'm thinking Ziggler, Mcintyre, Big Show & Mysterio.

The title picture on Raw is much more simple.  The Miz could compete against Randy Orton, John Cena or both.  I personally would like to see a triple threat.  It appears that a CM Punk/Cena program is on the horizon, but with the formation of another "Nexus" on Smackdown, the WWE would be well advised to put that feud on hold.  Orton & Cena have somewhat of a love/hate relationship & a triple threat match could further angles between all three.  With Punk & his "New Nexus" available, that opens up the possibilty for an eight man tag match against Wade Barrett & his group. It's NWO Hollywood vs NWO Wolfpac.  I love it.  The WWE was wise to spit Barrett from Punk to avoid the absolute cluster F TNA is going through with "Immortal."  

Some brief housekeeping before I get completely delusional with my matchmaking.  HHH returns to seek vengeance against Sheamus in a rematch from Wrestlemanis XXVI.  A Money in the Bank match could give the likes of Rhodes, Swagger, Truth, Kingston, Kane, Dibiase & Tyson Kidd  something to do. The Undertaker is dinged up.  If he IS able to wrestle, there is the rumor of Brock Lesnar.  Any potential one-off would be prudent to extend The Streak.  Kevin Nash comes to mind. The most tantalizing match does not involve the Deadman. Needless to say, such a match would be a stretch at best, impossible if I were realistic.  Luckily I am a rube & a mark.

Shawn Michaels.  Mr. Wrestlemania.  It's his night.  He is going into the hall of fame.  He showed up on Raw last week.  He didn't cut a promo.  He didn't thank his fans.  He delivered sweet chin music to Alberto Del Rio.  Maybe you didn't take anything from that, but I did.  Why would Shawn show up & knock someone out inside the squared circle?  I have the answer.  To let us know he has one more match left in him. And I have the perfect opponent.   

Most of you have heard the rumors of a WCW Hall of Fame class. Names like Arn Anderson & Lex Luger have been tossed out there.  We have already seen the impossible from an exhiled WWE employee.  Bret Hart returning to the company after he spit in the face of the owner.  Shouldn't anything be possible?  Enter Sting.  The face of the WCW for over a decade.  The Icon vs The Icon.  Shawn Michaels vs Sting.  Seemingly free of his TNA commitment, the man that would never wrestle in the WWE does so on the biggest stage of them all. It's a long shot, but its feasible.  Both men are legends.  Both men are at the end of their careers.  Both men have embraced Christianity.  To quote Rocky Balboa, both men have a little something left in the basement.

Wrestling is catering to children at this point.  The PG version of WWE has soured many fans over the age of 30 to the product.  This match alone would draw in exiled fans from all over the globe. "Dream Match" is not even the correct term.  Sting's run in TNA was heavily criticized.  I don't see it.  He can still move, he can still talk, and the thought of seeing him inside a WWE ring is intoxicating.   If it can be done. Do it.  If you're willing to throw millions at Dana White & Brock Lesnar, throw hundreds of thousands at Sting.  Mr. McMahon, bring in Donald Trump,  David Arquette, Shari Shepperd or any of the "celebrities" that you put so much value in.  Do that & give the loyal wrestling fans what they deserve. What they need.  Give us The Icon vs The Icon.

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