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Cageside Quote: Dave Meltzer is claiming that Vince McMahon still thinks Brock Lesnar will be The Undertaker's WrestleMania opponent

In a jaw dropping turn of events Dave Meltzer is claiming on his subscribers only message board that Vince McMahon, as of today, still thinks that yes Brock Lesnar will be The Undertaker's WrestleMania opponent:

Vince today was saying Undertaker's Mania opponent is




Not making this up.

I guess Vince is trying to save face or is of the delusive belief that he can still strike a deal with Dana White for Lesnar's services if he throws enough money at the problem; with the rumours becoming so public, it would be quite the personal embarrassment for Vince if Lesnar didn't appear on the event, so he may be willing to overspend to spare his blushes.  In a follow up post Meltzer all but confirmed that Vince has been throwing money figures Dana's way to try to get the deal done:

I can't say 100%, but can say 99.5% that Vince has offered Dana plenty of money as part of this deal. That was always the idea of what they needed to do to get the deal. Maybe part of the deal is Dana is sworn to secrecy till it happened, remember how many times he denied Tito was hurt and Liddell was fighting Franklin. Maybe Dana turned him down. It's not like Vince has the money and would spend it on this show that will make Dana do something he doesn't want to. But I'm pretty sure that offer was made many months ago.

Even though I'd love to see the match, for UFC's sake I hope Dana White is the honest one here; this is one lie MMA fans and the media wouldn't let him or Lorenzo get away with, which is why I think of the two promoters he's the more credible one on this issue.

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