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Linda McMahon Attacked With "Mothers Against McMahon" Ad

That's an ad produced by the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee. The synopsis given for the video on YouTube reads like this:

Linda McMahon made hundreds of millions of dollars marketing to our kids brutally violent, explicit sexual content featuring abusive, degrading treatment of women and people with developmental disabilities. As WWE CEO, she put her profits ahead of even the health and safety of her workers, tolerating rampant steroid and illegal drug abuse, putting wrestlers in harm's way, but failing to provide them health insurance or disability benefits.

She's now using her WWE millions on negative attack ads, with one strange exception- an ad featuring her best friend, Judy.

Judy claims that McMahon "feels for people," would be there "if somebody needed help," and is "constantly a very positive person," but McMahon's record putting her profits ahead of people and her negative campaign prove otherwise. We know the truth- and we're counting on you to help us share the real story on McMahon's record.

Guns blazing.

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