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Bad Ass Billy Gunn is Having Some Serious Women Troubles

Radar online brings us news that Billy Gunn, who's real name is Monty Sopp, but he also goes by Kip, is caught up in some women problems. Apparently Kip is married but started having an affair back in March with a woman named Deborah "Pinky" Simovitch. Pinky claims that Kip's wife found out about the affair and it got ugly.

"She (Badd Ass' wife) started sending me death threats. So I started recording my conversations with Kip and eventually started posting them on YouTube."

She's posted what looks like 31 videos so far. She really went all the way with this thing. I'll embed one of the videos below and then you can look through the other videos she has posted if you so desire. This whole thing is wild.

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