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Tito Ortiz Talks His Health, Chuck Liddell, Another Fight with Forrest Griffin, Brock Lesnar and Fedor

It's a bit dated but worth watching. I can't post this without commenting on a few of the things Tito has to say within the video. Him talking about Chuck the way he does is hilarious after watching TUF 11. He is not friends with Chuck like he continues to claim. Tito shouldn't be telling a guy to retire because he hasn't won a fight in a while. When was the last fight Ortiz won? 2006 against Ken Shamrock?

He also tells us that he thinks a third fight with Forrest Griffin would sell well on PPV. Well, the second fight sure as hell didn't, so why would a third? Then he says he would love to put it as the co-main of a Brock Lesnar card because he "likes Lesnar." Yeah, I'm sure that's why. Couldn't be because Brock sells so much better than anyone else in the UFC. It's also interesting to hear his take on Fedor. I actually agree with him on that one.

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