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Isis The Amazon/Aloisia update: She's not fired, but she was pulled from NXT because of her naked fetish photos

According to the, Lindsay Hayward, AKA Isis The Amazon and Aloisia, is still under contract to WWE.  She was pulled from NXT because management found a set of photos called "Tall Amazons Erotica" that was circulating online and featured her.  Since election day is 2 months away and WWE is in full PG mode, nude fetish photos (some of which had a lesbian theme) of a newly hired WWE Diva (TM) are an issue.

Mickie James and Candice Michelle had both done foot fetish pornography, but it wasn't an issue.   Well, not in the same way.  Batista once printed out James' photos and wallpapered the locker room with them.  Sexual harassment is hilarious because it's a different world and you don't understand.

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