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Ryan Bader Would Like to Fight Randy Couture or Tito Ortiz

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That's what he says in an interview with Fighters Only:

"I’ll fight whoever they tell me to, but I’d kind of like a Couture or Ortiz before they retire. As an MMA fan and a fighter to say I fought and hopefully beat them would be great. There’s no ill will, I’d just like to."

Of course there is the usual talk of fighting whoever they tell him to but it's refreshing to hear a fighter actually say the names of a couple of guys that he'd like to fight. I can see why he would want to fight both Couture and Ortiz but I wouldn't ever count on it actually happening. Bader has the skills to beat both fighters and that's why they wouldn't do it. Frankly, I think if Tito loses to Hamill, he'll be on his way out of the UFC. Couture is too valuable at this point after the Toney win to feed him to a young guy like Bader. Maybe if he loses his next fight, whatever that may be. What do you think, could Bader beat Tito and Randy?

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