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Late Night Videos - The Nate Marquardt - Ricardo Almeida Incident in Pancrase

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In honor of the impending matchup at UFC Fight Night 22 between Nate Marquardt and Rousimar Palhares, here is a video of an incident that occured between Nate Marquardt and Ricardo Almeida in Pancrase back in November of 2003. Palhares was recently suspended for 90 days for holding a heel hook long after the referre intervened against Tomasz Drwal. Because it was not an isolated incident and Palhares had done such a thing before, he was given a 90 day suspension. Marquardt has been involved in a similar situation in the past with Ricardo Almeida. According to Wikipedia:

Marquardt, who was caught in a guillotine choke, tapped out; (Some believe that the referee mistook a repositioning of Marquardt's hand to be a tap. Thus causing Marquardt to believe the fight had not been ended.) The referee, however, was unable to immediately separate the fighters, and the choke remained applied around Marquardt's neck. After he was freed, Marquardt threw a strike at Almeida's face, prompting both corners to storm into the ring – including Renzo Gracie. Renzo was cornering Almeida, and once in the ring he kicked Marquardt in the face.

I wasn't a fan of MMA at the time so I can't give an accurate background of what occurred. If Wikipedia is wrong then by all means correct it in the comments section. Here is the video of the incident:

It's difficult to tell with the camera angle but it does look like a Brazilian tap. Either way, the ref came in to stop it and Almeida didn't let go. This is the same kind of thing that Palhares is known for. I would hope that if Palhares does catch Marquardt in a submission and taps him, that he would let go when the ref tells him too and if he doesn't, that Nate wouldn't react the way he did in this video. That would get him kicked out of the UFC and no one wants that to happen.

Quick note here regarding Marquardt. I asked him on his Twitter page if he is or ever was a pro wrestling fan and this was his response:

"no, not really"

Didn't take Marquardt for a pro wrestling kind of guy but I'm interested to know how many professional fighters are or ever were pro wrestling fans. I've asked a lot more and received a few responses. Once I've compiled a decent list, I'll be posting about it.

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