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Karo Parisyan Says "Every Fighter I Know Takes Pain Meds Like M&M's"

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From Sherdog and via MMA Mania comes a quote from recently re-signed UFC Welterweight, Karo Parisyan:

"Somehow I knew I'd get back in, at least I hoped I would. What Dana said was in the heat of the moment. He felt we were friends and that I'd backstabbed him. Thank God he changed his mind. He told me to get a fight under my belt. He told me to get my life back on track and that's what I did. My issues had to do with my anxiety problems and panic attacks. Painkillers were thrown out there, but that wasn't it. People made these accusations because I'd been popped for medication (months before). I'd taken two pain pills the morning of my fight for a torn hamstring and didn't think much of it. Every fighter I know takes pain medication like it's M&Ms. I was the unlucky one who only took it the day of the fight without even thinking about it. I think the UFC knows I still have something I can accomplish in the cage. They know that I can become a contender again and I will."

The title is such, because that part of the quote stuck out to me. If this is true, then doesn't the UFC need to investigate these allegations? That's a pretty serious thing for Parisyan to be throwing out there like that. How far is his career going to go now that all of the guys he's trained with have been lumped in together as painkiller abusers?

It would be naive to think that drug use doesn't exist in sports; it does. In fact, it's probably safe to assume it's happening on the kind of scale that Karo describes. This being the case, some due diligence from the guys running the show is called for. Does Dana White have anything to say about all this? What about the athletic commissions? Does anybody even care?

Pro athletes go through hell doing what they do. Football and hockey players, as well as these fighters, all probably have trouble even getting out of bed some mornings. They take beatings on a scale that the normal human, like you and I, can't imagine. Far be it for me to judge anyone for wanting to take the pain away. Personally, I'm extremely sympathetic to a guy like Karo because I also suffer from panic and anxiety issues. So I know what that's like and I wouldn't wish it on anybody. It pains me at times to see so many people ignorantly being over the top with the hatred they send his way. At the same time, it's not an excuse to have a drug habit. Same goes for those guys who don't have a mental disorder.

Of course I want the sports I watch to be as clean as possible. But regulating these kinds of things won't be easy. Taking these quotes seriously enough to actually ask questions would be a good start. The UFC makes enough money to implement better testing programs to help clean up the sport. Whether it be PED's, narcotics or prescription abuse, the day needs to come that we can feel good about the testing and regulations in place. As it is right now, no one seems to mind at all when they hear a quote like this. Hopefully that will change soon.

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