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WEC 51 Results - Jose Aldo Retains His Featherweight Title by Knocking Out Manny Gamburyan

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Yahoo Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee via Yahoo Sports

Jose Aldo is a beast. His weaknesses have yet to make themselves evident. Manny Gamburyan attempted a few times to take him down tonight and was thoroughly unsuccessful. As per his usual, he was extremely patient in picking his spots. He's so much like Anderson Silva it's scary. Except he's got better kicks and much better takedown defense.

The first round was slow going. Gamburyan came out strong with a big right hand that looked to partially land and stagger Aldo but on second viewing it was more of a slip by Aldo on his way backwards to avoid. The champion spent the first round avoiding all of the offense Gamburyan had to offer while figuring out exactly how he wanted to attack him. He did land a few hard leg kicks to help soften him up.

Gamburyan came out strong in the second with a big sense of urgency. He looked like he knew that the longer the fight when on, the less of a chance he had to win. Sure enough it wasn't long after that Aldo landed a right hand that ever so slightly buckled Manny's legs. The movement wasn't lost on Aldo and he knew it was time to pounce. He came in with a big uppercut that put Gamburyan down. He quickly moved to his back and started landing huge punches underneath Manny's arm, clean to the face. After a few, Gamburyan went limp and it was a knockout victory for Aldo.

Couldn't be any more impressed by the young champion. I'm not sure that the WEC has anyone that can even provide him with a challenge. His combination of speed and defense make him incredibly difficult to hit. His dynamic offense and strong jiu-jitsu make him a threat to finish a fight from anywhere it takes place. Tonight he proved extremely difficult to take down. An incredible young fighter who put in a great performance.

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