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WEC 51 Results - George Roop Puts the Korean Zombie to Sleep

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Yahoo Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee via Yahoo Sports

Sorry, couldn't resist with that headline. Makes it sound like a submission win but god no. Roop put in an extremely well planned performance. Much like Hominick did in the fight before him, he never allowed Jung to engage him in a back and forth slugfest. Instead he used his superior size and reach to keep the fight at a distance. He was also circling quite a bit and never let Jung get into any kind of rhythm.

Jung was trying to walk him down in the first round but couldn't ever quite get close enough inside to do any real damage. Roop was also working the jab. Really, Roop and Hominick employed the same strategy to defeat Garcia and Sung Jung respectively. Except Roop finished Jung with one of the most impressive head kick knockouts the WEC has ever seen.

The hype built for Garcia and Sung Jung after that war they had at WEC 48 is now officially dead. Both guys had a great fight that was sloppy with winging punches. Hominick and Roop showed that if you come in with a good gameplan and stay technical with your strikes, you can beat them both easily. Great performance by Roop.

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