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Late Night Videos - The Katie Vick-Triple H Incident

As is the norm with these late night videos, I stumble across something and throw it up for you to enjoy. Although, you might not actually enjoy this one. For all the complaining we do about the current product and all the ways the WWE screws up, this had to be the absolute worst decision in the history of bad decisions. I still can't believe that they actually went through with this.

The backstory goes a little something like this. Triple H and Kane entered into a feud to unify the World Heavyweight and Intercontinental titles. Instead of just using that as the selling point the WWE decided they needed a little something more to put the angle over the top. So they came up with Katie Vick. Apparently 10 years prior, according to Triple H, Kane killed her. Kane claimed that they went to a party and he drove her home only to run into slick roads on a dark night and he crashed the car and she died. Triple H was claiming that Kane had killed her and then had sex with the corpse. He even had footage to prove it. The above video is said footage.

Everyone railed so hard on this ridiculous storyline that they dropped it as quick as possible. Again, I can't believe it ever made it to air. Triple H saying that, "Kane may be able to take the life of an innocent girl but he will never be able to take away my World Heavyweight title" could be the dumbest thing ever uttered on WWE TV and that's saying quite a bit. After the jump is a video of Triple H talking about the storyline with Opie and Anthony.

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