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Cageside Quote - Mick Foley Talks "Surreal" Plug for His Book on RAW

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From Foley's personal blog:

"I guess you could call it the plug heard 'round the world. I actually almost missed it when Michael Cole first said my name, and didn't really catch on until the King followed up on the Cole mention of the new book. Certainly, it was surreal; I don't think there has ever been an instance of someone on an opposing show getting a shoutout from WWE. I guess there are alot of people speculating as to what Vince's motives might be. I'm leaning toward the idea that Vince sometimes does things just to be nice, and that the winds must have been blowing in a favorable direction on Monday morning. I think Vince deep down genuinely likes me and respects me and was just trying to do what felt right to him."

There's been a lot of speculating in regards to why Vince would have Cole plug Foley's book on RAW, as Foley mentioned. What Foley thinks seems to be the least plausible or at least that's the widely held belief. In fact, if you look deep enough, it's almost egotistical or insecure on his part. The more likely reason would be Foley's blog post in support of Linda McMahon's senate campaign. A bit of, "You scratched our back now we'll scratch yours.'

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