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Cageside Quote - Bobby Lashley is "Completely Open to Fighting" Dave Bautista

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From an interview with World Wrestling Insanity:

"I have to be honest. At first, I wouldn't even think that he would consider it. Then again, with fighting, you never know who's going to come over and do it. So when I heard Batista was training, I was like more power to him. Because a lot of these guys come in here and they have no experience either. But they take two jiu-jitsu classes, dye their hair blonde, and they're automatically stepping into the fight industry."


"I'm completely open to fighting him. Friends or not, when you get in that cage and start throwing punches, the friendship goes out the window for a minute. Because I like Dave, but if we were to have a fight, we would have to close that cage door, forget about the friendship, and try to beat each other up. Then afterwards, we can shake hands and walk away."

It's nice to hear a fighter talk about his willingness to fight a friend. That's how it should be. That said, I'm not particularly interested in this fight. I'll watch it and enjoy the spectacle but I'm not sure how much it will deliver from a sporting aspect, which is why I watch MMA. He also talks about the death of Umaga in the full interview with James Guttman.

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