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Mick Foley to co-write a feature film about the life story of Mick Foley!

Hopefully the tone of his feature film won't be quite as self congratulatory as his most recent books.  (Wikimedia Commons)
Hopefully the tone of his feature film won't be quite as self congratulatory as his most recent books. (Wikimedia Commons)

Mick Foley himself broke the news a few hours ago via his Twitter account realMickFoley

I am thrilled to announce that I will be teaming up with Union Square Media to do a major movie based on my life story!  This really is a HUGE announcement for me - one that I hope you feel was worth waiting for.

Full details given in the official press release below: 

NEW YORK, Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Union Square Agency (USSE Corp., Pink OTC Symbol: UCRP) will showcase the life story of one of the most hardcore wrestlers of all time, Mick Foley.

Union Square's Media division will produce the film with American Original founder Jeff Katz. Foley's managers, Michael Braverman and Barry Bloom, will also executive produce. Christopher J. Scott will be directing.  The film, written by Scott and Foley, will tell the unmasked story of Mick's obsessive desire to become one of the most popular wrestling icons of all time. Foley is a New York Times bestselling and critically acclaimed author, having written two autobiographies, a series of children's books with a new memoir on the way called COUNTDOWN TO LOCKDOWN, from Grand Central Publishing launching on October 1st.

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to finally bring my story to the screen. With Union Square as my tag-partner, I foresee many entertained and/or shocked audiences in our future," said Mick Foley.

Katz, who previously served as VP of Production at 20th Century Fox and New Line Cinema, founded the production company American Original. Their focus is to develop original and adapted film/ television properties and present them to the market place. Katz' credits include films such as SNAKES ON A PLANE, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, SHOOT EM UP, FREDDY VS. JASON and comics BOOSTER GOLD, CROSSHAIR and FREDDY VS. JASON VS. ASH.

"I spent three years in the wrestling industry before coming to Hollywood and always found Mick's story to be highly emblematic of the classic American success story. I've admired him as a man and entertainer for years and couldn't be more thrilled to return to my wrestling roots and help put Mick's story on film," said Jeff Katz.

Union Square Media has a reputation for cutting edge content and quality production in both the sports and lifestyle spaces. It is positioned to create, produce, develop and sell all forms of media with a progressive Emmy Award winning team.

"Mick's life story is an incredible journey that artfully balances his obsessive passion for the ring with the love for his family and friends around him. A story that is funny, shocking and inevitably triumphant. Both his existing fans and cinema fans alike will love it," said Director Christopher J. Scott.

Just what we need, if the tone of his latest book is anything to go by!

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