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UFC 119 Results - Ryan Bader Beats Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee via Yahoo! Sports

At this point in the night, I've come to expect bad judging. Ryan Bader did NOT win this fight. He was awarded a 30-27 unanimous decision across the board but I thought Nogueira did more than enough to win. He stuffed what seemed like 10 different takedowns and won the boxing side of the fight. Bader got a few takedowns and I guess that's what won him the bout.

The first round was the best round of the fight for Bader. After getting underneath Nogueria and landing a takedown, he delivered some vicious ground-n-pound that rocked Rogerio. Of course, like a true Nogueira, he managed to survive and gain full guard. After a few minutes of Bader on top, Nogueira got back to his feet and stuffed a takedown before tagging Bader. Another takedown from Bader before the round ended sealed it for Darth.

The second round was full of failed takedowns from Bader and Nogueira working his boxing. He even landed a big knee on one Bader shot late in the round. His wrestling looked much improved after the fight he had with Jason Brilz. The round came to a close with Nogueira clearly getting the better of the stand up and landing a leg kick while avoiding a big counter right hand.

Bader got poked in the eye at the beginning of the third. What likely won Bader the fight was the fact that, despite the many times Nogueira defended against his takedowns and landed good shots on him, Bader would hit a takedown a key points and ride that top control to a decision win. A very frustrating trend continues on the night in regards to the judges scoring. I guess, that trend isn't just tonight.

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