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UFC 119 Results - Chris Lytle Gets His Revenge in Defeating Matt Serra

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee via Yahoo! Sports

It kind of seemed like the whole idea for this fight was to put on a show. Like these two got together and agreed beforehand that they would keep it standing and bang it out. That's exactly what they did.

First round saw both guys exchanging with reckless abandon. Neither one of these guys were afraid to get in there and throw hands. They both got tagged but they both have an iron chin. Lytle was clearly getting the better of Serra boxing.

Serra would come in and try to get low on Lytle and be made to pay for it every single time. The size advantage was just too much to overcome. Lytle landed a few clean shots in the second frame but Serra just took them and kept on coming.

Third round saw exactly the same thing as the first two. Even when Lytle slipped and Serra went in to try to capitalize, Lytle landed an uppercut to rock him. Serra weakly attempted a takedown in the round but Lytle easily avoided and continued to just unload on him. When all was said and done the Indianapolis crowd got what they wanted; a unanimous decision win for Chris Lytle.

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