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UFC 119 Results - Matt Mitrione Takes a Decision Win Over Joey Beltran

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee via Yahoo! Sports

It was a great way to start the Spike portion of the broadcast. Matt Mitrione was the clear crowd favorite and he came out aggressive. The first round started with with Meathead throwing a head kick and pushing the pace. They exchanged a few times with Mitrione looking to get the better of it. During one exchange though, Beltran rocked him and it led to a big takedown slam. Beltran was busy on top with great ground-n-pound that Mitrione couldn't get out from underneath of. He attempted a few submissions but never really threatened and it was a 10-9 round for Beltran.

The second round saw both guys come out swinging hard. After yet another big exchange Mitrione rocked Beltran but couldn't follow up and finish the fight. Shortly after, he came rushing in with an uppercut and got caught himself. After they clinch the fight was stopped to fix up the tape on Beltran's glove. More exchanging after the restart and these two were taking big shots from each other and standing in the pocket without flinching.

Round three went the same as the first two but a lot slower. Both guys were clearly not nearly as bouncy as the first few rounds, although I was impressed with how well Mitrione's cardio held up. Beltran was slow and couldn't keep up with Mitrione in the stand up. That's where Matt won the fight and pushed his UFC record to 3-0.

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