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Matt Hardy Now Claiming he Suffers From "Dissociative Identity Disorder"

It's a work. He's all but confirmed this on his Twitter and within the comment section on YouTube for this video. Here are a few tweets he sent out:

And to all my fans, don't watch Smackdown expecting to see me on there. I won't be on anytime in the immediate future-will keep you updated.

And the new entry will be from Matt, not Matthew.. Althought Matthew is who everyone likes to talk about ;) Gym time guys, til then..

On a MB, a member named GameOVER! said"his new character should be crazy"-Looks like he's catching on. New entry tonight-the plot thickens..

It's funny how I created "controversy" by doin various videos my performances must've been ok, even TMZ is callin me :)

A comment from the YouTube page:

He's thinning the herd. Trying to weed out the dumb fans so he can get to the true smart fans. Matt's got a master plan, and to be quite honest it's obviously working extremely well. All of Matt's videos over the past few weeks have gone viral. He and whoever he may be working with is a genius. Again, Matt, I'm so proud that you're down to 219. I hope to see you go to TNA soon!

Hardy replied to that comment saying, "Interesting comment my friend.. very interesting". If this wasn't a work, he would have been cut by now. Some of this is very real but it I'm starting to think more and more that it's a cheap knock off of the Brain Pillman Loose Cannon gimmick. I guess all we can do, which is exactly what Hardy wants us to do, is stay tuned and see what happens.

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