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Cageside Quote - Trish Stratus has "mixed feelings" on the Retirement of the Women's Championship

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From an interview she did with Diva-Dirt:

"I have mixed feelings. It's one of these, 'Is the glass half full or half empty?' [situations]. Instead of looking at it as the belt is being retired or put to bed, I'm thinking, let's just focus on this and build this different thing. Building a new legacy, building a new division, building some new women and I think that's how you have to look at it. First of all, the two belts was just not necessary... ever. It's kinda like, 'Get one... let's move forward.' [Laughs] But I don't know, I'm kind of like okay with it. I feel like it's a different time, a different generation. I feel like we did some great stuff with that belt and maybe it don't get no better than that? Maybe it's one of those things? It's like, let's just leave this here. It's pretty perfect and has a perfect legacy behind it, and let's start this and we'll start to build this from because it's definitely a different time. There's probably the biggest group of women that could potentially all work matches [right now]. Most of them can work matches and potentially you could have everybody, I mean that's a pretty big division, if you could build everything properly. So I think looking at it like that, it's almost like okay, this is the new thing, this is the women's division of today and let's build it. It's not a bad thing."

When Trish left, the Women's division ceased to exist, in my mind. She was made to do some ridiculous shit but she always managed to come out looking classy and she was the best performer the women's division has ever seen. She's maintained since leaving that, while she may come back for sporadic appearances on RAW, she plans on staying retired. Her feelings on the Women's belt mirror mine. If it meant anything before they discontinued it, at least it will have that and they can't bury it any further.

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