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Late Night Videos - Formation of the nWo Wolfpac

As is the norm with these late night videos, I came across something that I like and am throwing it up for you to enjoy. I used to be a huge mark for the nWo and even though most had switched over to RAW to watch old Stone Cold do his thing, I was still enjoying the storylines WCW was coming up with. I liked the way they built towards the split between Nash and Hogan and had guys choose sides. Of course, it went against the original concept of the stable and effectively killed WCW as a brand by having all of their top guys join but it was fun nonetheless. The promo Nash cut on Hogan at the 36 second mark is one of the best I can remember from him. Part work, part shoot and it was great. It's a short but sweet video and a nice little trip back to a more exciting time in pro wrestling. Enjoy.

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