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An open letter to the staff of PWInsider, a site that infects visitors' computers with spyware


You're terrible human beings.  You do know that, right?

Seriously, who runs a legitimate website in 2010 that's filled with spyware? You're not selling illegal pornography, access to pirated content, or opportunities from Nigerian princes at You, at, break wrestling news as quickly as anyone and as accurately as the other 3 major sites (F4WOnline/, PWTorch, and, but you're hated by many wrestling fans on their internet because of your reckless disregard for their computers by serving up spyware and other assorted malware. They're doing fine by selling other ads and selling memberships to enticing content, while you at feel that the best way to get paid subscribers is to promise no spyware-filled ads on the pay site, Sure, there's some legitimate content there, too, but writers for the site have been on the record telling people who are frustrated by the spyware to buy subscriptions.

At times, you, at have worked to keep users who use ad-blocking software from accessing the site by hiding the content if the blocker was detected and admonishing the user for stealing from them:

You are getting this message, and no story text, because you are using ad blocking software. You are blocking our banner ads and more importantly our interstitials, which are the ads that keep the free site in business.

In order to keep the free site open as is, we need to generate ad revenue in order to pay salaries. Therefore, we have been forced to implement code to block the blockers. If you remove your ad blocking software, you will be able to again read the site.

Thank you for understanding and your support of

People who read website don't mind ads. Ads drive websites like ours. People mind ads that are really annoying or infect their computers. At other times, you at claimed that you had no idea that there was any spyware but if there was you would remove it. It never happened, of course.

This is just scratching the surface, mind you. There are plenty of other spyware-related stories as well as other ridiculousness from you ad, like threatening other sites that report their news with credit, as well as message board posters who did the same. These sites and posters didn't copy and paste what was posted at spyware-infested, they re-worded it and credited them.  You at spyware-ridden believe that you own the news that you report, which is laughable, but also rather pathetic.

Now, as I've been alerted to in the comment section of another post, last year you bought (as well as its .net equivilent) and redirected it you, but few were aware of it. You actually had the chutzpah to buy the domain name that people use to make fun of you at and warn others about the risks of becoming infected with spyware when visitng your site, which is  It's clever, but seriously, what the hell is wrong with you,


Your pal Bixxy

P.S. In closing, I'd like to tell everyone else never to go to for any reason, because it's like injecting your computer with a spyware-filled syringe.  Wait until another site reports something they broke.  Also, come up with as many nicknames as possible (feel free to do so in the comments), both to keep unsuspecting readers from stumbling upon that cesspool.  If they buy the domain names, then at least we're driving them to waste money.

P.P.S. Is it still possible to Google bomb?  I'd love for this post to be the first result for PWInsider.

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