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Dave Meltzer is being strangely coy about the reasons behind Desmond Wolfe's TNA absence

Apparently that's Desmond Wolfe's response to people asking about his "undisclosed medical situation".  Dave Meltzer's too.  (Wikimedia Commons)
Apparently that's Desmond Wolfe's response to people asking about his "undisclosed medical situation". Dave Meltzer's too. (Wikimedia Commons)

As mentioned here on Cageside Seats ten days ago, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch had differing explanations for the story behind the tag team of Brutus Magnus and Desmond Wolfe being pulled from TNA's No Surrender PPV and all subsequent TNA shows.  Meltzer blamed "a disciplinary issue that still hasn’t come outinvolving one of the two wrestlers in question, while Keller blamed Wolfe failing a TNA physical due to his longstanding concussion issues.  

Five days later, Jason Powell of seemed to give credence to Keller's version of events when he reported that Wolfe was "expected to be sidelined for at least a few months due to an undisclosed medical situation."  However, Powell subsequently muddied the water in Issue 1168 of the Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter when he added: 

Details regarding his medical issue are being kept quiet, but I was assured it is not concussion related.

Personally I would take those assurances with a grain of salt, given TNA management's track record of deceit and given how badly they would look if it's true that they allowed Wolfe, who failed a WWE physical, to work for them for ten months before doing a physical of their own.  However, it should be noted that his medical issue could be related to his longstanding biceps issues, as he tore both of them while working for Ring Of Honor through delivering so many stiff lariats and worked through the injuries as much as possible.  Nevertheless one wonders why Wolfe and TNA would go to such lengths to keep his medical issue quiet if he had merely re-injured his biceps again.

Meanwhile, Dave Meltzer has remained strangely coy about the reasons behind Desmond Wolfe's TNA absence.  This is all he had to say about the matter in the September 20th 2010 Wrestling Observer Newsletter:  

The London Brawling team is on ice for now and no word on when they’ll return. Wolfe was at the TVs this past week but not used, and nobody was talking as to why. Magnus, who still lives in the U.K., wasn’t brought in.

The phrase "nobody was talking as to why" is eyebrow raising to say the least when it was clear from the Torch's original reporting that speculation about Wolfe failing a physical was the talk of the TNA locker-room.  Surely the industry leading journalist would be aware of such gossip?

Stranger still was Dave's reaction to a thread on the's members only message board entitled "Dave, what's the latest with Desmond Wolfe?".  Immediately the rumours about Wolfe being suspended over concerns regarding brain trauma were brought up by poster deadseadrop, who has his own sources through working for the pro wrestling and MMA news site  Dave ignored the question and ignored those rumours, instead deciding to poke fun at poster ADizzle, who made quite clear how much he hated hard hitting indy style wrestling, for praising Kevin Nash's approach to the wrestling business:

You guys probably should have a different role model than Nash. Nash is pretty much a cripple at 51. If he was as smart with his health as you guys say, he'd have never done what he did to have heart issues in his 30s, tear a quad in his 40s, nor be wrestling and still taking bumps and doing matches in his 50s. He did and still does make money, without drawing any, which is a talent and he's survived in the business without doing much which is also a talent. 

There are wrestlers who will be in worse physical condition at 51 than Nash, but they'll be the minority. And when you get to that age, being able to do things trumps being crippled and having a dwindling bank account because of being so heavy into the stock market and a collapsing housing industry. I'm not sure a guy who has a bad family history of heart issues is such a smart guy when he's still trying to look like a wrestler at 51.

And I do think Nash is one of the more intelligent guys in the business, but his inability to leave the business at his age is no different than that of Hogan or Flair. He's not as crippled as Hogan is, but he's also nowhere near as healthy, at least from a physical standpoint (God only knows about the internal organs of either of those guys) as Flair.

To me this is a bit of a straw man argument by Meltzer, as Wolfe is 19 years younger than Nash and his brain may possibly be in worse shape already than Nash's knees.  Meltzer also ignored the fact that Nash entered the business with terrible knees from the damage he suffered during his basketball career and that the joints of tall guys like Nash are much more susceptible to serious injuries while wrestling.  Dave later suggested that a much better role model would be Chris Jericho, though who knows what shape he'll be in at age 51 if he keeps working and gets unlucky (think Bret Hart who would seem like a perfect role model at age 39), and added about Nash that:

His family history of heart disease of males at a young age is not manufactured, no matter what you think of the timing of his heart scares.

One wonders why Dave keeps talking about Kevin Nash's known health problems, when the bigger story here is the amount of truth to the rumoured health problems Desmond Wolfe is allegedly suffering from.  It seems that the only people not talking about the latter is himself and his business partner Bryan Alvarez, who has avoided the story too.

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