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President Barack Obama Campaigns Against Linda McMahon

Richard Blumenthal has a very high profile politician in his corner; the President of the United States. ABC News gives us a few quotes from a fundraiser in Connecticut:

"This is the kind of leader you want representing you, somebody you know," Obama said of Blumenthal, "somebody who doesn’t just show up and try to get a victory by writing a big check and flooding the airwaves with negative ads."

"I understand she has promised a smack down. And look, there’s no doubt I can see how somebody who has been in professional wrestling would think that they are right at home in the U.S. Senate if they were watching some of the behavior that’s been going on. But the truth is -- and Dick understands this –- public service is not a game."

Linda has been gaining in the polls and it's now a very tight race. One that she might actually win. In the full article, which I encourage you to look at, they have a few more quotes from Obama that have him poking fun at the considerable funding the McMahon campaign has at their disposal. All is fair in politics and war and Linda and company have been in attack mode from the beginning. Don't expect that to stop. It's working. Even with Obama, the fundraiser is only expected to make $400,000.

As for the on-screen product, don't expect that to change either. In fact, if she wins, we might be in for an even more toned down WWE. My theory, and it's all speculation, is that if she loses they will finally pull the trigger on the John Cena heel turn and the whole company would end up going in a completely new direction. From the looks of things though, we could be in for a lot more PG WWE.

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