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UFC Fight Night 22 Results - Nate Marquardt Pounds Out Rousimar Palhares But Not Without Controversy

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Yahoo! Sports</a>.
Photo by Tracy Lee via Yahoo! Sports.

That was a weird main event. Nate came out with a kick and Palhares shot in immediately. Marquardt avoided well and the fight stayed standing. The prevailing theme throughout the duration of the fight was Palhares clearly looking to shoot in to get the fight to the floor and Nate doing a lot of feinting while holding his hands low to guard against it. It was a slow start as the crowd started booing at the inaction. Palhares came in with a single and got Nate down. They scrambled on the ground and Rousimar grabbed a leg to go for the ankle lock. That's when it got interesting.

Right after Rousimar fell back to torque the ankle, Nate pulled his leg right out and stood up. As he was turning around, Palhares immediately started pointing to his corner or the referee. He wasn't even looking at Nate and Marquardt came in and blasted him with a big right hand that rocked Rousimar. After throwing a ton of shots and Rousimar only covering his head and not doing enough to get out of it, Herb Dean stepped in to call it.

Afterwards, Palhares walked up to Nate and pointed at his ankle. Joe Rogan asked Marquardt in the post fight interview to clarify any question regarding possible greasing. Nate told him that he was checked by the commission and the referee and they deemed him to be okay. He said he came out warm by working up a sweat in the back so he could be slippery. We'll see what comes of this controversy in the coming days, if anything.

Either way, Nate Marquardt picks up the first round TKO win and looked pretty good doing it. He should get a top guy next, maybe the winner of Belfort-Okami.

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