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UFC Fight Night 22 Results - Charles Oliveira Chokes Out Efrain Escudero Standing Up

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Yahoo! Sports</a>.
Photo by Tracy Lee via Yahoo! Sports.

They hype train rolls on. Charles Oliveira was coming into this fight with a ton of hype about how great his jiu-jitsu skills are but he mostly used his dynamic striking to frustrate Efrain Escudero in route to a submission win.

The first round was loaded with a lot of Oliveira mixing up his strikes and throwing a lot of big kicks with a ton of flying knees to go with it. Escudero wanted no part of his ground game. Once he got him against the cage he just stalled waiting for the ref to break them up. I was impressed with the takedown defense that Escudero came into this fight with but he did not have a good strategy. He badly underestimated the dynamic striking of Oliveira. He ended the round on top and landing a few elbows but Oliveira looked great early.

The cut kick made an appearance in the second when Oliveira used it to get Efrain down. Escudero was smiling throughout the round but it was clear that he was getting very frustrated. He couldn't get the timing down in the stand up, where he thought he would have the clear advantage. Both guys were throwing a ton but not landing and doing much damage with anything. Another flying knee from Oliveira led to a takedown from Escudero but he did nothing with it.

The final round saw a vicious nutshot from Efrain that Oliveira took forever to recover from. After they came back they both got aggressive and started exchanging big time. Oliveria finally landed a big takedown. Escudero went to throw his leg over for an armbar but Oliveira stepped back to avoid and Efrain scrambled to try to stand back up. Once he did, Oliveira took his back and sunk in a standing rear naked choke that forced Escudero to tap. An amazing fight from the young kid from Brazil.

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